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Download Fiendish Freddys Big Top O Fun

Fiendish Freddys Big Top O Fun
657 kb



Every child loves to visit the circus, but the circus is not always in town. This game gives us a chance to be inside a circus anytime we want to, no matter the age of a player.

Fiendish Freddy is currently having a problem with money. He needs to earn ten thousand dollars to pay his debts. It will not be an easy task. The loan-shark is giving him one evening to pay, and leaves an evil clown to make sure the money won't be ready on time. This is the time for the player to help good ol’ Freddy earn the money.

The game consists of six different circus events, and if you do not want to just practice, you have to go through them all. After each part a jury will fight and debate over how much money the performance was worthy of. Every event has several different levels, if you manage to do all the needed tricks right – you will have to do them again in under much more difficult circumstances, and remember - an evil clown doesn't want you to earn the money!

High Diving

It is not just a jump into a pool. Your character has to fit inside a water tank, which gets smaller and smaller with each attempt. During the flight down if you want to make more money - you can perform some acrobatic tricks.


A clown on a one-wheel bike looks funny, but when he is juggling balls, bats and other things, that is the time when people will be amused. The good thing is that your character in this event has no problems with his balance, so you just need to keep on juggling the stuff, and beware of the "bonus" items from the evil clown.


The trapeze is a dangerous event - the ropes are high and there is no safety-net. The player must jump from one rope to another with good timing, as the ropes are in constant motion.

Knife Throw

A blonde girl is spinning on a big wheel surrounded by balloons. Your job is to throw knives at the wheel to pop the balloons, and keep the lady safe. You aim the knife in the same way as you would in a classic pistol-shooting game. The problem is, you cannot use a pistol - only a joystick or keyboard to move the knife-sight. Aim well, as the knives are not unlimited!


A walk on a rope - not as easy as a walk in a park. This event requires you to keep the man steady on a rope by correcting his vertical alignment. The evil clown has some special tricks to make you fall, so be careful - going straight will be the least of your problems!


A brave man is letting a pretty lady fire him from a cannon. In this part of the game you need to set the goal mark at the desired place and press the fire button at the right moment. You are allowed up to three attempts at this mini game.

Fiendish Freddy is a colorful game with a lot of humor (even when one of your characters dies). It's not easy to master all of the events, but significant differences between them gives you a chance to find your favorite one, and focus on it. The game is best in my opinion in multiplayer (up to 5 players, no networking) - then you can compete and laugh together, when the evil clown is messing with your opponents. The game deserves a strong score of 4.


Insert - Fire Button
Directional arrows - Movement


Reviewed by: bobson / Screenshots by: bobson / Uploaded by: bobson / share on facebook

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