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Download Snipes

8 kb



Snipes is a basic top-down shooter.

Tell me a story...
For any reason you, a nice eyebrow-winking guy, are caught in a maze together with some hives and the creatures, called snipes, swarming out of them. The snipes have arrows, and the only purpose of arrows is to shoot them at someone, at you! Fortunately you always have your reliable gun with you...

The same procedure as every year?...
When you start the game, you are thrown into a match with difficulty level A1. You have to quit or finish it (dead or alive) to change the settings. They reach from the mentioned A1 (easy, nothing special, 3 hives, a maximum of 10 snipes at a time and five lives) up to Z9 (hard, wall-destroying/reflecting bullets, electric walls, ghosts, 10 hives, a maximum of 150 snipes at a time and two lives), whereas the letter stands for the types of snipes and things involving the walls and the number stands for the initial number of hives and for the maximum number of snipes at a time. Ghosts, the second form of the snipes, are created when killing a first form snipe. They cannot attack you, but they are annoying followers and you shouldn't move against them. When you are surrounded by them, best thing is to stand still and decimate them. The walls can be lethal at contact, reflecting for your diagonal shots and destroyable by your straight bullets. The snipes also shot diagonally, of course. The mazes are randomly generated and self-contained, so don't shoot yourself from behind with a burst through all walls. But the most important rule is: You should concentrate on the hives, so that you cut off the enemy\'s supplies (or, in this case, supply of enemies). To keep track of your enemies you have a statistics sheet at the top. Time and score do not serve a real purpose - there is no time limit and no highscore table.

Eyes and ears...
The graphics is white ASCII on black background. No sounds except some internal speaker blips when you kill an enemy, and when they kill you.

After output now the input...
move - Arrow keys (combine for diagonal movement)
move faster - hold Spacebar
left - A
right - D
up - W
down - S/X
diagonally - combine keys above
sound off/on - F1
pause - Break
quit match/game - Ctrl+Break (or Ctrl+Scroll Lock)

A funny, action-packed classic, that gets boring quite quickly. A good and surprising point is, that it doesn't take long to find the last few snipes. THREE points! Recommended for enthusiasts, not recommended for graphics maniacs.

By the way...

    * Snipes is diminutive for snipers
    * Novell NetWare, the network operating system, was originally written only to play Snipes together on different computers
    * So Snipes is the origin of the LAN and the first real network application
    * With 26x9 (234) it's probably the game with the most difficulty levels

It's possible to activate the multiplayer mode in this original version, but the game would have to be on a network drive (or be a shared file in some other way) etc., so I decided to credit no multiplayer option.


Reviewed by: Luchsen / Screenshots by: Luchsen / Uploaded by: Luchsen / share on facebook

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