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Download Crusader - No Regret

Crusader - No Regret
30461 kb


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Just as in the original Crusader - No Remorse, you play the assassin Silencer, who wears a really inconspicuous red suit. Once again, you are fighting against the WEC (World Economic Consortium), which is trying to control and exploit the world's lower classes. You have destroyed the WEC's vigilance platform, and are now on a ship bound for their lunar mining cartel.

The game looks simply astounding and even though only a couple of things changed, graphics-wise, they make a world of difference. The game just looks gorgeous, even in the present day. Apart from looking nicer, it is also much more smooth, with none of the jerkiness that sometimes occured in the prequel.

On the gameplay side, Origin decided to make this game a little simpler than the first Crusader by removing some elements, such as the equipment shop between levels. This changes the game somewhat and makes it a very straightforward shooter with very little to shift your attention from the action at hand. This is the only reason a point was removed from this game's rating.

The music, much like the music in Crusader 1, is techno in style and keeps the adrenaline going while you keep the blood spilling.

If you're one for mindless violence, download now!


Reviewed by: mika / Screenshots by: mika / Uploaded by: Anonymous / share on facebook

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