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Download Crusader - No Remorse

Crusader - No Remorse
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Crusader - No Remorse is a 2D isometric action game with some strategy elements thrown in. Origin really went all out to create a perfect action game, and couldn't help but add in a little more gameplay than just shooting. You play an assassin called Silencer, who used to work for the WEC (World Economic Consortium) but changed sides when the WEC decided that he and his friends were expendable. The story, which is not the strongest part of the game, can be overlooked, though, as the graphics and the gameplay are simply astounding.

The game is actually pretty straightforward: an assortment of weapons is available, and all you need to do is get from one side of each stage to the other by killing as many WEC employees as you can. As simple as this premise is, there is still an element of strategy involved, as there can be more than one way to get through a stage; you'll generally end up playing a scene a few times until you manage to get through, since it can be quite tough sometimes. The weapons in the game range from assault rifles to EMP bombs and spider bombs, which can either be picked up along the way or bought between stages with money that you pick up from your enemies (once they're dead, of course).

The music in the game is good, and uses all kinds of techno beats to create a great atmosphere, but it can get a bit annoying once you've heard the same tracks a billion times or so.

Watch out - this game can be quite addictive, so keep food and water close by!

To play this game you MUST use DOSBox and you MUST mount the game on drive C (D, E, F etc. will not work).


Reviewed by: mika / Screenshots by: mika / Uploaded by: mika / share on facebook

User Reviews

How things look different after 18 years...
Posted on: 2013-01-11 by haggar
Well, those were days when I was a kid and I didn't have computer. But despite of that I was buying gaming magazine. I one of them there was review of "Crusader: No Remorse". Game was described as great shooter, with great graphic and music. Only minus was that it was hardware demanding. Partially because I'm nostalgic and partially because I like to play old good games, I have decided few days ago to finally try it. I got it, installed it, run it. First that I noticed is weird type of controlling your player, that is common to all old games from the beginning of 90. You control player with arrow keys, shoot by space key, and other control buttons are scattered around keyboard (inventory key, select key, etc). Ok, man can get used to everything so I thought that with time I will forgot about that. But unfortunately, game has some more problems. Movement of your soldier is not smoothly animated. It's actually (I don't know the right word on english) buggy. Soldier walks more like shaking robot. Sometimes it's hard to pass trough doors, sometimes he itself goes trough door while you wanted to came in front of switch that is placed by the door. But the main problem of the game is - shooting! Aiming at target is really pain in the "you know where". It takes time while you aim at your opponent because you have rotate your soldier with keypads in the right direction. I tried with the mouse, but that is even more difficult. Also, soldier cannot shoot while walking. So, you have to stop, press space key to pull out the weapon, rotate soldier until it aims at target, then press again space key to start shooting. Now, this game was described as fast shooter in which you will enjoy destroying everything, but instead of that I had feeling that I'm playing some strategic game with moves. After one or two levels, I erased game from my hard drive. Simply, it was too boring and it really killed my expectations. By mine opinion, game fails down as one thing that it should be - a shooter. I can't believe that they still sell it. Oh, yeah, the music in game was nice. I would really like to listen whole soundtrack.

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