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Joseph Kirby has taught U.S., World, and Latin American History and government courses for Bay Path College, Nichols College, and Carnegie Mellon University. His writing has appeared in print and online since 1986, for publishers and clients that include PC World, The Washington Post, Boston Globe Magazine, Bay State Parent, Today's Parent, Thomson Gale, W.W. Norton, Pearson, Lerner Media, Prentice Hall, ToysRUs, EBSCO, and more. He is a Contributing Writer for Continuing Education with "Best Pay for Homework", owned by The New York Times Co.

Academic Writing and Editing
His recent academic writing has been published in Great Neck Publishing's Points of View Reference Center on topics including the Mexican Border Wars, Chinese Imports and Child Labor, while a country profile on Paraguay was published in EBSCO's Our World database.

He contributed an article on women and infectious diseases to Infectious Diseases: In Context (ed. Brenda Wilmoth Lerner), named an Outstanding Academic Title by ALA/Choice Magazine in 2008. His articles on global social and economic issues, including a profile on Columbia's FARC organization, appeared in the Gale Group's Global Issues in Context reference database, named an ALA Outstanding Title and also named one of School Library Journal's 10 Best Digital Resources for 2009. Forthcoming work in 2011 includes articles in Food: In Context and Top Stories for 2010, both from Gale Cengage.

Joseph worked as a Staff Writer and Editor for SABIS Educational Systems, writing eight books of historical fiction for classrooms in grades two through twelve worldwide, companion workbooks, and editing literature anthologies. The books conformed to Massachusetts Department of Education curriculum guidelines for use in History, English, and ESOL classes. Joseph has also copyedited monographs and anthologies for professors at Harvard Law School and Carnegie Mellon University worked as a Technical Editor for TENCO Media, work as a manuscript reviewer for Cengage Learning, and researched copyright issues for educational publishers.

Journalism, Business and SEO Work
In addition to his academic work, Joseph has written for such newspapers as the Village Views (Akron, Ohio), Telegraph & Gazette (Fitchburg, MA) and Harvard Community Resource. His SEO, marketing and social media work includes writing materials for The Art institute of Pittsburgh, working as a City Editor for, SEO business articles and blog posts on VA mortgage loans for VA Mortgage Center and Plus1 Media, writing and editing for Demand Media and writing for The Writers Network.

Joseph has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize twice, once in fiction and once in creative non-fiction, and is a member of the National Book Critics Circle and the American Historical Association. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and three sons.
If you are an author, publisher, or book publicist who wants to write essays with a title you'd like to see covered in History Books or Philosophy Books, please email Joseph using the envelope icon next to his name.


JosephKirby's favourite games

Top Down,
Fantasy, Manga and Anime,
3rd Person,
Ninja Casino Games

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