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Submitted by admin on 13. January 2021 - 8:04.
How Casino Games Have Embraced the Retro Revolution

Retro gaming is a popular pastime, with gamers young and old attracted to the vintage games of their youth or their parents’ youth. Advances in technology mean that modern games are very different to games that came out even as recently as a decade ago, and completely different to those from the 1980s and 1990s when home gaming first exploded onto the scene.

Popularity of Vintage Games

As new technologies and software deliver ever-more exciting features to modern games, most people still enjoy the classic games of ghost-hunting as Pac-Man or indulging in some of the simpler but still engaging games of the past like Super Mario. Retro gaming has become so popular that modern software developers are beginning to incorporate elements and themes into new games to attract a wider audience.

Retro Casino Games

Many casino games can be classed as retro in that the games themselves have been around for a long time. As more casinos move online, players can indulge themselves in old-school gambling in a modern setting, played from the comfort of their own homes. By visiting almost any online casino Canada, players today can engage not only with classic table games such as roulette, blackjack and craps, but also with new versions of slots games themed to tie in with classic retro characters.

Adaptations of classic casino games that have been optimised for online and mobile play draw in millions of players every year. The online casino industry is booming, and many customers new and old are drawn to the vintage games they remember from their youth or recognise from watching classic movies based in casinos. Online casinos are uniquely placed to recreate the smoky, dramatic atmosphere of land casinos of the past, with live dealer games and virtual reality features making the whole experience more realistic.

Online casinos adapt classic casino games that are popular in land-based casinos.

From the earliest days of home consoles, there have been casino-based computer games. At the time of release, many of these were designed for at-home play without the internet, so were necessarily free-play games, using tokens or other in-game rewards to retain player interest. Today, players can access new versions of these classics online, often with real-money options thrown in to increase the excitement quotient. Vegas Stakes, Lynx Casino and Casino Kid were all highly popular console-based casino games in the nineties.

Themed Slots

Slots are one of the most popular casino games and as such, software developers are constantly seeking new angles to attract players to their variations of the game. Vintage slots games following the classic three-reel format are increasing in popularity once more, as players seek to enjoy the retro feel of experiencing games form yesteryear. Slots software developers are also utilising players’ love of retro characters and game styles by co-opting these into the games.

Some of the most popular slots games enjoyed online today are those that combine modern technology with classic graphics and characters. A large percentage of slots games available online are inspired by popular culture, both from recent times and more classic options. These include slots based on films, television series and cartoon characters, and also slots based on popular computer games from the last century.

Slot providers have incorporated classic retro characters into their themed games like Pac-Man.


Nostalgia is cited as one of the primary reasons for the surge in popularity of retro games in recent years. Certainly, many look back and feel fondly about the characters they grew up with, and today’s games often do not engender that sort of feeling. Popular modern games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto certainly have their place and are extremely popular. However, few would feel emotionally involved with the characters portrayed in those games in the same way they might have done with Mario, Sonic or even Pac-Man.

Durability is also a key element in the retro revolution. Modern technology has a built-in obsolescence– technology advances so quickly these days that the latest version of a console is outdated almost before it enters the market, so machines are not necessarily built to last. However, consoles from thirty years ago can still be plugged in and played today, provided the right connections and equipment are available.

The simplicity of old-school games also has a certain draw. Even players who never experienced these games the first time around can appreciate the pared-back gameplay, which was enhanced by engaging narrative rather than spectacular graphics.

Retro gamers are not just those old enough to remember playing these games the first time around. Research has shown that younger players are embracing old characters and online versions of games that have been around for years. Online casinos have made the most of both nostalgia and a love for simple, elegant games with a focus more on story and character than on superior technology, introducing a series of online games that appeal to all age groups.

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