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Submitted by Lulu_Jane on 10. March 2010 - 15:17.
Brace yourselves!
Trapped in the dark lair of Doctor Izgotcha, it's up to you to break free and find your way out! A myriad of contraptions and beasties block your path and you've only got your wits to help you make it out alive - dare you take the challenge that is Castle Ralf?

This classic text adventure will have you puzzling. But if text adventures aren't your thing, never fear! This game features a verb menu interface (similar to later graphical adventure games like those of Lucas Arts) which will help ease you into the genre if you're new to it.

A big thank you to Pczelda for providing us with this game, Saccade for the review and Paco for the screenshots.

posted by Lulu_Jane // 10-03-2010 // downloadable // game // Adventure // permalink
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