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Submitted by The Fifth Horseman on 16. February 2009 - 16:19.
Home of the Underdogs no more

Love it or hate it, HotU was one of the (if not THE) most well-known  Abandonware websites on the net. If you were looking for abandonware - HOTU had it. If you were looking for a massive archive with literally thousands of games to download and reviews to go with them - HotU had it. If you were looking for a rare or obscure title not found anywhere else on the internet... chances were HotU had it.

But over last three years HotU was dying a slow death, with no updates and the once-active community dwindling down until all that was left of it was the core of most die-hard supporters. In September last year the site went offline, only to return far diminished soon after, with none of the downloads or screenshots working anymore - reducing the once glorious abandonware archive to but a shadow of its former self.

A week ago, it went down again - and seems this time it's for good: according to a message posted by the site's owner on Twitter, it's webhost closed down due to bankrupcy, thus leaving HotU with no place to call home.

It's sad to see such an end for what was the best Abandonware site of - quite literally - the last decade.

Ladies and gentlemen, a minute of silence in the memory of the epic sprawl of gaming madness that was HotU.

posted by The Fifth Horseman // 16-02-2009 // permalink
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