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Abandonware Links

Submitted by admin on 5. December 2007 - 9:14.

Abandonia Reloaded is Abandonia's sister site that deals with freeware and remakes exclusively. It goes more in-depth than actual abandonia by offering game producer profiles, company profiles, interviews and much more. I don't think I have to tell you that its well worth the visit ;)

Computer Emuzone may not have the biggest number of games, but they do have some truly unique ones. Their site is split into, believe it or not, 8 different zones! PC, Spectrum, Amstrad, C64, MSX, Atari, Amiga and remakes. Each of these zones have their own Top10 and wanted lists which basically means Computer Emuzone is 8 sites compiled into one big entity. And to up the ante a bit, let me just mention that they also placed a lot of work into translating all texts into both Spanish and English (and some places they even have it written in Italian). I could go on but I have feeling you got the idea of how big and valuable this site is!

Replacementdocs is THE best resource for old second-hand manuals and guides on the net. We have teamed up with them to give you the best of extras out there. So, if you're missing a doc for your favorite game, make sure you search their massive document database.

XTC Abandonware definitely offers one of the cleanest and coolest interfaces in the abandonware world, and considering the content they offer, that's exactly how it should look. Nearly all of their games are older than 1990. I was thinking of opening up a <1990 section, but after seeing the site I decided that its pointless! A link will serve the purpose much better. :) So if you're after true oldies, this is THE place to go!

The Underdogs need no introduction. It is by far the biggest, most thorough and extensive abandonware site on the internet. Except for abandonware titles, it also features freeware games and bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately, its size can sometimes cause downloads to get quite slow from time to time due to the enormous bandwith usage, but its a small price to pay considering the repertoire :)

The Thing is a comprehensive site covering multiple platforms such as NES, C64 and Atari. You can also find the needed emulators there, as well as some abandonware titles. Each game is backed up with a review and some screens to spice it up! Do take a peek!

DOS Games Online is one of the most organized and diverse abandonware sites on the scene. Everything is neatly sorted with stats and details on every single game. There are also many extra categories such as how to run old games under WinXP, section about game creation programs and so on. All this makes DOS Games Online one of the best resources out there.

CGA is a site that was created by merging of Classic Games and Diskworld. Both of these were very good sites to start with, and the end result was even better. CGA offers a big community, an extensive game library for various platforms. Truly a valuable resource that you shouldn't go by!

The Good Old Days were initially made by Mr. Creosote and Tapuak, but as time progressed, a lot of new people decided to join their crew. With joint efforts, they have created a very valuable abandonware games resource. Not to be missed!

Abandoneer is a neatly and efficiently organized site that is constantly updated with news from the abandonware scene, as well as news about their own updates. Except for a growing archive of games, they also have a neat application section with some interesting utilities from the old days. Abandonware sites are seldom this lively, so give Abandoneer a try!

Jefklak's Codex is a blog/wiki style page that features numerous interesting articles and guides regarding various retro and overlooked games. Definitely worth a look for shaping up on your general knowledge about forgotten games and the development of game industry.

If you've ever wondered what the pink side of abandonware was, then Bunny Abandonware is the place to visit. Don't think its not serious though, its just got the guts to say "girl power" ;) With its unique charm and hand picked content, its a definite stop on your way through abandonware road.

Abandonware DOS tries to mimic, maintaining a growing database of informations, screenshots, links, movies, documents and - naturally - games.

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