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Download Top Gun

Top Gun
55 kb



This is a poor game created after a famous movie. It appeared on all computers and was way behind its time. The PC version is no better. As you'll notice seeing the screenshots, graphics are so poor that Elite can be considered as a dream comparing with Top Gun. But, this game wouldn't be here if it had nothing to offer.

The game doesn't follow the movie. It is a simple duel game. The screen is divided into two parts and the players face each other in their *aircrafts*. Each player has three aircrafts, so you'll need to destroy your opponent in three duels in order to win. The game can be played against the computer and there is probably no-one willing to waste his time doing this. But the two-player mode is different story.

If you crave for simple one-on-one flying game to have fun with your friends, this is it. There is probably no other game where you don't have to worry about lot of different aircrafts and weapons. Also, if players get too far away from each other, computer brings them back. There is no landscape, no territory to fly above. You are put into the fighting ring for airplanes. Now it becomes clear why the game named after the famous movie looks so poor. There is no need for anything else besides two hot-heads willing to give each other a flying lesson. The game wasn't really created to be amusing in a single player mode.

The altitude and speed are included in the game, although you probably don't want to bother with this if you are to play this game. Aircrafts are armed with cannons, missiles and flairs. If you choose to bring your opponent down with missiles, you have to mark him for some time which is hard, but then it's hard for him to avoid the missile, and one missile is enough to bring him down.

Player 1 :
Q - up
A - down
W - left
E - right
R - fire
Alt - switch weapon

Player 2 :
9 num - up
6 num - down
7 num - left
8 num - right
Enter - fire
Del - switch weapon

Unfortunately, this game can't receive an average mark. Although not supposed to be anything more than a short-term fun for a few of you, it is just too poor. The airplanes could look much better with the same drawing technique, firing the cannons and fighting your opponent in any way followed with proper sound effects would cause much more adrenalin, but few beeps of PC speaker are simply not enough.

If you get sick of all those graphics and physics and you want a simple game to play with your friends, you'll be surprised how much fun can be in playing the game that looks like this.


Reviewed by: marko river / Screenshots by: marko river / Uploaded by: marko river / share on facebook

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