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Download F1 World Championship Edition

F1 World Championship Edition
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F1 World Championship Edition is a highly underrated F1 racing simulation, released in 1994 by Domark. The game gives you a chance to drive an F1 car in all 16 circuits on the FIA calendar in that year.

F1 World Championship Edition offers several options: you can choose between different game modes (Arcade, Training, Racing). In the moment when you will config your car settings in preparing to the race you have to choose whether you want automatic or manual transmission, and the number of laps in the race. It's also possible to play against another friend by using the internet which is a very important feature in the game. In this game you have a scale with 4 types of difficulties to choose being: Novice, Amateur, Expert and Professional.

Before you begin playing the game you have to go to setup, and map your keys. The Arcade mode is in my opinion the best of the game, because it's where you feel the most the game. You can almost make it through every turn without losing the brakes – not very realistic, but it gives you a lot of fun. Finish in the top 3 in each of the 5 tracks, and you'll win the game.

The Racing mode is of course more realistic and longer: you have to complete the season of F1, starting with qualifying rounds. You can use the set-up for your car before the race, and visit pit stops during each race for re-fuelling and little adjustments. Steering, and controlling the car are more difficult than in Arcade mode, and a lot of practice is need to good in this game, especially since computer opponents are hard to beat.

F1 World Championship Edition will give you many hours of fun, especially when you are driving downhill at 200 mph, or your car bumps into other cars and flies in the air. It is not a serious racing simulation, and if you are looking for an F1 game full of realism, you will be disappointed with this game because it is an arcade-style racing game. I give it 3 of 5 stars.


Reviewed by: bruno / Screenshots by: bruno / Uploaded by: bruno / share on facebook

User Reviews

Adrenaline from 4 arrow keys - WOW
Posted on: 2013-06-23 by live2njoy
I have played hundreds of racing games in my life and as far as I know, this was the only racer ever released that actually made you feel like a racing driver. First there was the top-down/bird's-eye-view era with Super Sprint and Iron Man Off-Road from Midway, and later Danny Sullivan's Indy heat and probably culminated with Drift Out from Neo Geo in the 90s. Then there were the fast-paced 3rd-person view attempts of the late 80s with Outrun, Hang-On, Power Drift, Rad Racer, F1 Exhaust Note and many others. Then the 3D era of the early-1990s was ushered in by Sega's Virtua Racer and MicroProse's World Circuit, pretty much perfected by 1994 with Mario Andretti Racing. But gameplay was more about bouncing off walls, forcing your opponents to crash, and sliding. Which is fine but if you wanted a purist's racer about reaction time, brake points and racing lines, nothing came close to giving you a comparable experience much less from a 1st person perspective. Sure there were plenty of attempts with Monaco GP and the like, but those all played terrible. Until Lankhor ported and polished up a mediocre Amiga titled by the name of Vroom. This release by Domark may have come late, but it finally met and exceeded my expectations as a kid. Accessing the only vice which our modern civilization has to show for it, the thrill of speed. Trains only surpassed 100mph in the last 100 or so years. After that came car races, airplanes and extreme sports like sky diving. And apparently it wasn't until 1994 that some guys in France figured out how to give us a sense of speed in a computer game simulator. The 2D aspects of the graphics only add to the fantasy. Which is just as well because this was released in 1994, the same year as Ridge Racer and Need for Speed. As fun as those games and their successors were, they never felt like a serious sport. Perhaps this was the first and last racer to get it right. On top of the excellent gameplay, it has pleasant graphics (which were gorgeous in those days), plenty of challenge with its adjustable difficulty levels, and A LOT of tracks with the final one of the season having inverted colors, increasing the stress level for beating the game/winning the F1 championship a great deal. Don't be fooled by its simplistic appearance, this is the quintessential racer. Play it a few minutes every day and you will see what I mean.

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