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Did you ever hear of Arkanoid? I hope you did if you find yourselves true gamers. Yes, this is an adaptation of good ol' Arkanoid. But not just ANY adaptation. This one is really good. It has many new options and obstacles: moving enemies (e.g. a lighter, a boiling pot, an eye, a moving head...), many items to collect, different levels and so on...

The object of the game is to destroy every ladder you see on level with a small ball that you must not let fall under a lad you control. It can't be simpler, but in all that simplicity it's still very difficult and fun. Every level is different from other, some are very difficult because you have to be precise to hit a ladder, some are just annoying because they last too much and you always miss ladders. :(

There are many letters you can collect. The letters appear often when you hit a ladder and start to fall down. You have two possibilities: to try to collect a letter (if you want to collect it) and risk of letting your ball fall down (you loose a life), or not bother with letters. I will suggest you to try to collect letters, at least most important ones.


A – cancels all effects
C – glue; your ball stick to your ladder and you can launch it whenever you want and wherever you want
V – life
+ - opens a secret level and if you pass it you immediately pass to the next level, if you fail you don’t loose a life, you just go back to your current level
F – creates a barrier under your ladder for a short period of time, so that your ball can't fall and you can't loose a life anyhow :)
M – stops all enemies from moving for a larger period of time (I don't like this letter, because when you kill enemies with your ball you get score, and in the beginning every 10.000 of score gives you another life)
I – sends your ball in inverted direction (if your ball was falling it will start going up, and opposite)
L – gives you a pair of lasers, so that you can shoot at enemies and at ladders (very good letter)
S – slows down your ball a bit
T – splits your ball in three

Why I like this game so much is that I used to play it long time ago, and when I saw it few days ago, it brought back many memories. It also has many options Arkanoid lacks. Like moving enemies, secret level you have to pass if you want to go immediately to the next level, small ladders that eat your ball and release it in another the same ladder (some kind of teleportation), parachutes that your ball can hit and then slowly fall down back to you...

Graphics are classical CGA, but it doesn't matter in these games. Sounds are little bit annoying, so I turned it off. And the most important thing is gameplay. Sometimes you have a lot of fun, but on some levels you get bored to death, especially if your ball stacks somewhere and the only thing you can do is to pray moving enemies to stand in its way so that it can change direction.

Hope you'll all have fun like I did! You better get started right now...


Reviewed by: Unknown Hero / Screenshots by: Unknown Hero / Uploaded by: Unknown Hero / share on facebook

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