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Download Network Q RAC Rally

Network Q RAC Rally
4361 kb



This is the first from a long series of similarly-named rally games - all based on the same rally championship.

There is not much to say about a rally racing game. You can drive around various really tracks around the globe. Each rally has 30 drivers, 6 of which can be human (human drivers take turns). You can customize things like their name, age and country, purely for the sake of it. You have 5 cars to choose from: Toyota, Ford, Lancia, Mitsubishi and Subaru. There's more detailed info about each car in-game. You can also set up the tires for the car as weather conditions vary from rain to snow. Not having the appropriate type of tires will make your driving a lot harder.

During the race, just use the arrow keys (or whatever you defined in Options) to drive through the course from start to finish, being faster than the other drivers. You can see everything from the driver's seat. There is a speedometer on the bottom-left, minimap on the bottom-middle and a co-driver on the bottom-right that lets you know of whatever lies ahead. The tracks vary a lot in design, but they look pretty similar, and the scenario is pretty pixelly which doesn't help.

Although the physics are a bit off, the steering is very simplistic and you just bounce around when you hit the edge of the track, you still have to be careful as the car is prone to damage. Constantly driving at top speed, driving through bumps too fast, lots of braking, messing around with the gearbox, etc. will all damage different parts of the car and make it perform worse. You should pay special attention to the windshield though, since it's the only visible form of damage and if you keep hitting stuff and flipping the car over, it'll eventually break and you'll be kicked out of the rally.

If this is too much for you, you can just enable the indestructible mode in game options. You'll still sustain damage, but never lose because of it. You can repair damage after each race, as long as there's enough time to perform the repairs. Finally, so you don't lose your progress when you close the game, you can save the current rally from the main menu, and load it later. This is also useful in case you mess up and want to try again. You can also practice around on 3 different tracks (Easy, Medium and Hard) if you still haven't got the hang of it.

Finally, to help you get into the game more quickly, here is a list of all the controls referenced in the manual and not in the game:

! > Increase road draw distance
' > Decrease road draw distance
Numpad + > Increase scenario draw distance
Numpad - > Decrease scenario draw distance
F8 > Road texture
F9 > FOV texture
Pause > Pause game
F10 > Calibrate Joystick
F12 > Weather Effects
Ctrl + Esc > Quit race
(these ones can be changed in Options)
F1 > Headup Display
F2 > Auto Gear-Box
(if using manual, use Up + GearKey to go up a gear and GearKey to go down a gear)
F3 > Auto Brake
F4 > Indestructible
F5 > Display Pace-Notes
F6 > Speaking Co-Driver
F7 > Rearview Mirror

- If you use DOSBox, you need at least version 0.65.
- Sound may not play when running it directly on Windows XP.
- For the copy protection codes, use the table included in the Extras.


Reviewed by: SupSuper / Screenshots by: SupSuper / Uploaded by: SupSuper / share on facebook

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