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Download Zaxxon

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Everyone who grew up in the seventies and eighties knows it. Zaxxon! An arcade classic from Sega that we spent almost all our money with. Just waiting for the next spare hours to run to the next amusement arcade and put coin after coin into the fantastic flickering machine hoping to get on top of the highscore lists. Now 22 years later we still get a raised heartbeat when we hear the name of THE game…

In Zaxxon you command a space ship on a mission to destroy the robot named Zaxxon. He dwells in his fortress in outer space, heavily guarded by his fleet and outposts. Get your seatbelt on and be ready for some high end 3D space warfare.

You begin with the raid of his first fortress. Fly through the small gap in the wall and shoot anything coming in your way. Destroy fuel depots for some extra replenishments of your own fuel and everything else for the pursuit on the highscores. After the first fort is defeated a small intermezzo with Zaxxons fleet of devastating aircraft comes along to cook your goose.

Zaxxon is controlled via keyboard or the (recommended) joystick. It all needs some time of familiarisation and once you‘re into it you can have lots of fun with the game - just keep in mind that you have an aircraft to control which means up is down and vice versa….

The graphics were revolutionary for 1984. You are facing a thorough four colour isometric game with shadows and effects. But still you need some experience to know exactly where in space your ship currently hovers. Some of the obstacles leave only small gaps to fly through and some space ships are just exploding when you are exactly on the same height.

The sound wasn’t so revolutionary but at least a little bit Beyond mediocrity. For those who do not like the old days that much there is a “no sound” game file included in the download.

Multiplayer …. Do I really have to explain that they didn’t have LAN gaming in 1984? Well, so you are stuck at hot seating… ;)

Overall Zaxxon is a fully deserved 5 points game for at least these two reasons:

1. Everyone knows it! Everyone loves it!
2. It was terribly revolutionary when it got released! (Compare yourself with other ‘84 games)


Reviewed by: swiss / Screenshots by: swiss / Uploaded by: swiss / share on facebook

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