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Download Lost Admiral, The

Lost Admiral, The
818 kb



It is time to claim back what was yours infact. Your loyal friend who remained in the navy while you were dismissed, needs help. You are the man for this mission: The Lost Admiral. No one can stop you this time. It is either victory, or SHAME!

First of all, you need to create an officer to start this game. After that it is wise to play plenty of learning games with lower difficulty levels and appropriate settings to get used to choosing ships effectively, game controls and general layout of the game map. Learning games does not affect the history rank of officers, so experiment at will. It is with scenarios and campaigns that you will earn your rank back. Campaigns are two or more scenarios added up. The higher difficulty level you choose in options, the higher AI you will have to compete against.

Game lacks seriously when it comes to sound effects, and graphics also are not very satisfactory and somehow buggy; but gameplay covers for these bugs. Multiple AI levels, together with different types of ships to choose from, enhance the ability of strategy calculations.


Reviewed by: ted striker / Screenshots by: ted striker / Uploaded by: ted striker / share on facebook

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