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Download Knight Games

Knight Games
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Once upon a time there lived a king, who obviously got bored. To amuse himself he decided to hold a tournament. Many valiant knights came to fight for honor and possible the hand of a semi-beautiful (maybe even only semi) maiden, but the marriage would help their own social status immensely. And good knight must be skilled in the usage of various assembly of weaponry. Thus the contest know as the Knight Games begun.

Unfortunately there’s no real plot to the game. You get to select a discipline you wish to fight in, then select the one or two player game, select the difficulty and the control device for your knight. The keys for player one are on the left side of the keyboards (with S being fire and the surrounding keys meaning the appropriate direction). The moves you can perform aren’t really all that diverse. You move back and forth by holding fire and moving left or right, every other attempt to move will cause you to perform an attack. You only have a limited number of moves (pressing directions while holding fire, or without holding fire). After selecting all this you get to fight in the following disciplines:

Sword Fight 1: Two knights get to fight each other with the swords (a classical heroic head to head clash of the armor).

Quarter Staff: Remember the scene from Robin Hood, when Robin had to fight Little John. Well, this is your chance to reenact this very scene.

Archery: This is not a head to head event. You need to hit the bull’s eye (just watch out for the angry bull later), or simply hit the centre of the target (unfortunately to shoot a bull’s eye, you’ll need to leave your room, get a real bow and arrow and go search for a bull).

Ball and Chain: What a malicious way to fight. Really, it really is. You get to use the malice to smash your rusting opponent (you wish he’d really be rusting) to smithereens.

Sword Fight 2: It’s much like the original swordfight, but the scenery is somewhat different (and the moves are not quite identical).

Pikestaff: Anyone for Shish-ka-Bob? Well, invite your friend (who’s name has to be Bob) over and run a pikestaff through him. Or at least imagine that the opponent in this event is a Bob (any Bob will do).

Crossbow: Is again an event where you don’t get to go head on head, but you’ll need precision. May your aim be through, your hand steady and your arrow fly strait into *insert a name of a person you really hate here*’s back side.

Axeman: Ever consider joining the lumberjacks? You have? But you were afraid of the tall timber fighting back… Well then, you can practice against a knight that will undoubtedly try to chop you before you do the same to him.


Reviewed by: Sebatianos / Screenshots by: Sebatianos / Uploaded by: Sebatianos / share on facebook

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