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Download Troddlers

717 kb



Just to make it clear from the first sentence on: Troddlers is COOL!

You really shouldn't waste your time with reading this short review - just click on the download button and get the game. Unzip the archive, launch DOSBox and type c:, cd troddlers , troddlers!

Oh, you're still with me? Unsure? Believe me this game rules! Why ? Ok ok I really need to do this review, right?

When Psygnosis released their Lemmings in 1990 the world was amazed of these little stupid creatures that needed the players help. Now (2005) we have a total of 14 Lemmings episodes (including the holiday versions). The idea of Psygnosis was brilliant!

In 1993 the people from Atod (a Scandinavian team) copied parts of the successful idea behind Lemmings and created their own help-the-little-creatures-game and named it Troddlers. In this game you need to save a bunch of small creatures named Troddlers but instead of giving them special abilities as you do in Lemmings you play the role of a little magician who can remove, transport and summon stones. The Troddlers themselves just walk straight on. They never fall down or jump off edges. Your job now is to place the stones correctly that the little Troddlers can find their way out.

It all begins quite easy in the first levels but gets harder and harder along the 160 (!) puzzles you face in one and two player mode. In the latter you can choose to do a co-op mission or fight against each other. The first who has guided the needed amount of Troddlers to the exit wins.

The controls are most controllable by using the keyboard. Press CTRL for placing a or removing a stone. With the mouse the principle is almost the same but much harder.

The sounds and music is just nice. Nothing special but at least it won't kill all of your nerves even after some hours of gameplay.

When you have finished a level you get a code. Use these codes to continue through all levels of the game (which will take a loooong time).

So the only thing I can conclude here is : 5 out of 5 points for the sweet Troddlers!


Reviewed by: swiss / Screenshots by: swiss / Uploaded by: swiss / share on facebook

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