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Download Isle Of The Dead

Isle Of The Dead
5001 kb



Blood! Lot’s of blood. Man, I barely remember playing this beauty back many years ago, but I apparently didn’t think much of it. Wow, was I wrong. This is a first person hack-and-slash played in a 3D environment, from the time before the term “first person shooter” was coined.

What do you mean, “What am I rambling about?”

Isle Of The Dead! That’s what I’m talking about. Isle Of The Dead appears to be part hack-and-slash, and part adventure. The graphics are really good in some places for such an old game, if you can look past the flat surfaces.

The only weapon I have found is the machete, useful for hacking through the jungle and the soft flesh of misshapen zombies! Other items, such as coconuts, banana and first-aid kits restore your health.

The music and sound effects are also good and add to the game’s playability. Creatures are polite enough to alert you to their approach by grunting or howling.

Isle Of The Dead is controlled using the mouse for looking and moving, but you can also move using the arrow keys or a joystick. Esc will display the various keys you can use, such as “S” to save and “L” to load.

It might cost you an arm and a leg - literally - but Isle of the Dead is one old game you should be dying to try!


Reviewed by: Taskmaster / Screenshots by: Taskmaster / Uploaded by: Taskmaster / share on facebook

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