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Download Star Lord

Star Lord
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Starlord is one of those nice I-play-it-every-now-and-then-for-10-minutes space-games. It was made in 1987 by SoftBook.

Your mission is quite simple, you are a commander of a space ship and there is a universe you have to conquer. To succeed you have to scan sectors, fly through the hyperspace attack ships and planets and finally gain control of the latter. There are space-stations where you are able to re supply your ship’s weapons and energy and of course you can make repairs there.

Overview map: See your rank, stats and credits here. Use scan for getting information about your next opponent. Choose mission to select a planet to conquer, a base to fly to, or enemy ships to eliminate. Nice gimmick here is the boss key. This makes it quite tempting to carry this game to work. With the disk icon you can save/load the game.

Hyperspace: Every time you travel to another planet you use the hyperspace - a nice 3D-Vectorgraphics-Tunnel you just need to stay in to have a safe trip.

Fighting enemy ships: When you are attacked by an enemy fleet you will come to the space fight screen. You see how many enemies are left and where they are. You can steer right and left with the arrow keys and pressing down will boost your ship. To kill all enemies on the screen, press CTRL for a missile. But beware missiles are rare on your ship and expensive to buy. After you have won the fight you can continue traveling through space with the overview map.

Conquering a planet: When you decide to attack a planet, make sure your shields are at full power, for you will have to go through different combat stages. The stages vary from planet to planet. You have tunnels with enemy ships, tunnels with enemy missile turrets, planet surface with ships, planet surface with missile turrets or enemy ships in the orbit of the planet. After you destroy all enemies on every stage, the planet is yours and you gain credits to repair and re-supply your ship. The more planets you conquered the higher your rank will be.

Star bases: This is the place where you can buy weapons, shield power, zappers and missiles, boosts. This is also the place to repair your ship. When you are short on money you can also sell some of your ships items.

Graphics and Sound: The sound is some lousy PC-speaker effects – don’t expect too much, but the graphics are nice - even though they are in CGA 4-color-mode. I like it! It’s so retro!

Conclusion of my impressions: Play the game and you will either love it or hate it - but give it a try ´cos it s fun! The over all rating is 5 out of 5! This game proves that you do not need Direct X graphics and a 300 pages story line to make a great game.


Reviewed by: swiss / Screenshots by: swiss / Uploaded by: swiss / share on facebook

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