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Download Hammer Boy

Hammer Boy
208 kb



Do you still remember those fun old games, with no plot, where you simply wanted to set the high score? Well Hammer Boy is a game just like that.

You’re a boy with a hammer (I bet you’d never guess that one) and your task is to protect the flag! The flag is flying on the top of the tower behind you and there are various enemies trying to take away. Every attack will last 99 seconds (see the counter in the top right corner) and then you’ll be taken to the next level.

The enemies will try to climb into your base or otherwise damage it (in level one you need to fight off the Indians climbing a wooden fort and shooting burning arrows; the second level takes you to a pirate ship; the third one takes place in a medieval castle; the fourth one in a moon base; and so on). Now as you advance, everything gets more difficult, but you also get more equipment. At the moon base you already get to shoot lasers (when standing to the most right, or most left position).

The graphics are nice enough, although the animation isn’t as smooth as it could be. The boy isn’t moving he simply disappears from one location and appears at the next one. The sound is nothing much, but it does the job. The controls are either the keyboards (I suggest you recalibrate them and do NOT use the arrow keys), or joystick. You can choose the graphic mode (there are CGA, EGA and VGA) and I strongly recommend you choose VGA graphics.

Have fun! Tons of fun!

The game can be played directly through Windows, but the game speed in DOSBox and in Windows is not the same. If you play in DOSBox the game runs faster (making it more difficult). I’m not sure which is the correct speed (you can slow down DOSBox as well), so look at it like this, you can chose between a slower (easier) game and a faster (more difficult) game.


Reviewed by: Sebatianos / Screenshots by: Sebatianos / Uploaded by: Sebatianos / share on facebook

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