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Download Deadly Racer

Deadly Racer
1757 kb



Another racing game comes along ... Deadly Racer sound quite cool, doesn’t it? Sounds like sitting in a killer machine like Carmageddon or Destruction Derby! But it just sounds like that. Deadly Racer is an arcade-style version of a rally racing game. The engine is the same we had in Rally Championships, the gameplay is fun and the graphics are superb.

Let's begin talking about the Pros in this game.
- The graphics are great. All seven (!) cars are drawn very pretty and look like the original. Just the names were changed slightly. So instead of a Toyota Celica we have the Toyosa Cerica.
- The controls are brilliant. You can choose keyboard or joystick control. Pressing the fire button or space key makes you car accelerate. Pushing the stick forwards or backwards (or cursor-keys up and down) makes you shift gears. Left and right is for - guess what - steering. The car animations are very fluent and its fun to race through the tracks with these accurate controls.
- You can choose three different game types: practice, single race and world championship
- The different tracks have a nice variety of surroundings, extras and obstacles

And now the sad Cons of Deadly Racer.
- There is an options menu where you can switch between sound or music during the game but I didn‘t hear anything at all. (I tried DOSBox and VDMSound - both without a single tone from my speakers)
- There doesn't seem to be a difference between the game types except that you can choose your tracks in single race mode.
- The highscores do not seem to be saved.
- After finishing a track you get directly back to the title screen - which makes it just 4 tracks to race.
- When you slipped because of an oil puddle or hit an obstacle you need to manually shift down to first gear (which sometimes doesn’t work too well) and it takes ages to accelerate again

I liked the game very much - in the first 10 minutes. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I cannot say anything else than: "This game is fun for a few minutes. You will enjoy racing and controlling the nicely drawn cars but please do not expect this to be something for long evenings."

It’s 2 points for me then.

BUT if the interface had been better and the controls would be improved, Deadly Racer could have had a good chance to be a five points game...


Reviewed by: swiss / Screenshots by: swiss / Uploaded by: swiss / share on facebook

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