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Download SkyRoads

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SkyRoads is a good arcade game most of us remember playing at least once at school.

The essence of a game is simple--you fly a starship from start point to your goal. But it's not that easy. First of all, your ship can't really fly--you have to jump from one platform to another and falling down means certain death. Bumping into anything is also a bad idea. Moreover, you can't turn back--you missed a good tunnel entrance: bad luck, try again from the start. Yes, there are no checkpoints, so you have to make a perfect run right from the beginning to finish a level. It can make you mad at some points, but otherwise the game would be way too easy.

To make it a little harder, you can't simply pass the level at low speed. The faster you go, the longer you jump, and sometimes it's necessary to get past several huge holes in a row. Additionally, your ship doesn't have unlimited fuel, so you have to get to the exit before it runs out. When you think it's already too difficult, levels with changing gravity appear. Fortunately, there's a "grav-o-meter" available, which shows how strong the gravity at the current moment is.

The game offers 30 different levels. You have to finish each before you can try more difficult ones. The first levels are extremely easy and the first impression can be that there is no point in playing this game. You should just treat them as a tutorial, because later levels are only for people who are already familiar with all the basics and have the patience needed to restart a level until they make a perfect run. To make things simpler, each level has a difficulty rating.

Unfortunately, SkyRoads offers very little motivation to re-play it. Once you finish all levels, there is nothing to keep you interested. You will also need a lot of patience and quite a good memory, as remembering when a tunnel starts, or how big the holes are in a specified level may be very important to succeed. One bad move and you're dead. In conclusion, it's a time-killing game that won't kill too much time. You try one level or two and you turn the game off. It saves your progress, so you can start right from the point where you finished playing. Don't expect much from the graphics, but for this type of game, they're more than enough to have fun.


Reviewed by: bukimi / Screenshots by: Kosta / Uploaded by: Kosta / share on facebook

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