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Download Teenagent (aka Teen Agent)

Teenagent (aka Teen Agent)
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There has been a crime. Gold has mysteriously disappeared from the bank vault, and no-one can work out how it happened. The gold just seemed to vanish before people's eyes. The RGB (a secret Government Agent that solves unusual problems) have been investigating this crime for the last 6 months, but they are completely baffled. Out of desperation, they hire a fortune teller to help them. They ask the fortune teller to pick a name from the phone book. Being psychic, the fortune teller will be drawn to a name that can hopefully solve this case. Well, that's the theory anyway.

This is where you come in. You are Mark Hopper, and you are just a normal teenager. Fate, however, has stepped in, and you have been chosen by the fortune teller. The Head of RGB persuades you to help by promising to make you an official secret agent once the case has been solved. Well, girls just LOVE secret agents, right? How can you say no?

To begin with, you are sent to training camp, so you can learn the basics of what being a secret agent is all about. Here, you must pass 3 trials in order to prove your worth. After you have successfully completed the trials, you are sent out on your first mission. You must investigate a local businessman who has been acting very suspiciously recently. This businessman has been spending a lot of money on some very unusual items. What's more, he has been paying by cash! Could he be involved with the missing gold? It's your job to find a way into his mansion and investigate things. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done!

Teenagent is a good old-fashioned adventure game that began life as a commercial game, but was released as freeware in 1999. The game is mouse controlled, and is very easy to use. Click anywhere on the screen to make Mark walk there. Right-click on something to get a description of it, and left click to talk to someone or use an item. Drag your cursor to the top of the screen (leave it there for a second or two) to see your inventory items. To use an item from your inventory, simply left-click on it, then drag it onto the game window. Mark will only enter a new location when you left-click on that exit. You can save, load, or quit a game at any time by pressing F1.

There is a lot of humour in this game, and you will find yourself chuckling at a lot of the things that Mark (and other characters) say. Most of the puzzles are fairly logical, but some of the puzzles are quite bizarre. You will need a lot of imagination to work things out, but it is well worth persevering. Where else could an average teenager become a secret agent?

Backgrounds are very bright and colourful, and have an early Sierra 'feel' to it. Metropolis has paid a lot of attention to detail - things hanging on the wall, butterflies fluttering around, even the pigeon on the post . There are so many interesting things to see. The inventory screen is very effective, as a lot of the icons are animated. It's funny to see the mouse scampering around, or the fan buzzing away. This gives a lot of appeal to the game.

The music for Teenagent is nice and cheerful, and really seems to fit the style of the game. It changes every so often, so you get a variety. There are a lot of good sound effects in this game. Things such as climbing post at the mud pool, doors opening, the sound of the chainsaw, and John Noty shooting at you were fun to hear. Even picking up items and combining objects in your inventory had their own unique sound.

There are a few characters in this game that you will enjoy meeting. I liked Sergeant at the training camp, as well as John Noty himself. The Professor made me laugh, as he forgot how he made his inventions. Even squirrel in the tree seemed to be mocking you (hee hee). My favourite was Mike the robo-safe. He was a robot with attitude!!!

This is a good, old fashioned adventure game at heart, and I had fun playing it. The story is well written, with a lot of funny dialogue. The graphics are nice and cheerful, with a lot of attention to detail. Even the inventory screen has some interesting animated cursors. Some of the puzzles are slightly illogical, but you get a good feeling after you have finally solved them. I was impressed with a lot of the sound effects. Music is lively, but doesn't overpower the game. All in all, Teenagent is a game well worth playing.


Reviewed by: Frodo / Screenshots by: Frodo / Uploaded by: Luchsen / share on facebook

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