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Download Hook

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Peter Pan is certainly among the best known children stories (it was very popular long before Disney made their version of it). As with many such famous stories, this also inspired moves that were based upon in. One of such movies was a not to successful film with Robin Williams playing a grown up Peter Pan. I'm referring to the movie Hook. This game vaguely follows the movie story line, so the comparison is obvious.

As in the movie your children have been kidnapped by Captain James Hook, who wishes to have his revenge on you. Tinker Bell will take you to the Neverneverland where you'll need to acquire your old skills back in order to rescue your children. At this point however the connection between the movie and the game ends.

You find yourself in a square of a coastal town and you somehow feel out of place with your cell phone and cheque book. Your first task therefore is to get a real pirate outfit. In fact you need to be a pirate. If this sound familiar it's no surprise, because the game includes some parts that were obviously taken out of The Secret of Monkey Island (including the insulting sword fights).

Unfortunately this adventure game doesn't come close to the Monkey Island. The music is listenable, but nothing special. There are almost no sound effects (mostly just a clicking sound). The graphics seem weird to say the least. The colors are too orange and dark, although the cartoonish characters are quite nicely done (and animation does run smoothly). Most of all it bothered me that I always had the feeling of being in a small confined room, not actually running around a town.

The interface is user-friendly enough. I must warn you about talking to people though. If you want to use a different line from the one you see, you need to right click. By left clicking you select the line that is shown. And every time you'll leave for another location, you'll see a name of the location available.

The puzzles aren't really demanding and an average adventure player should be able to finish the game in a single afternoon (it took me only three hours) and there's nothing that would really make you replay the game.

So overall this is a nice little adventure game that you'll probably try, giggle about a scene or two, finish and never play again. That's why I'm giving it a 3.


Reviewed by: Sebatianos / Screenshots by: Sebatianos / Uploaded by: Sebatianos / share on facebook

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