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Download Genghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf

Genghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf
2007 kb



Genghis Khan 2 is in many ways an upgraded version of the prequel. It features better graphic, better music, and a much better combat system. It also features mouse-control.

The story is the same as in the first game; as temujin you must conquer all the mongol tribes, and begin your quest for world dominance. You will still have to balance your military powers with the growth and labour of your people, but you are no longer alone. Your advisor gives you continuous feedback from the battlefields, and he will also give out orders on your behalf if you don't want to do this yourself.

The biggest difference between the two Genghis Khan games (apart from the graphic) is the combat sequences. As with the first game, you will move your troops on a tile-map over the battlefield, but when you engage the enemy a new window will appear. This window shows each soldier and the current terrain, giving you the possibility of using strategy more effeciently. Charge through the enemy lines with your mongol horse-riders, while your archers keep raining down arrows on the enemy from your rear lines.

As with every KOEI game with respect for itself, the game features a brilliant multiplayer option for up to 4 players, and a lot of different scenarios.

Technical note:
You might experience that the mouse disappears from time to time, but all commands can just as easily be given with the cursor-keys and enter.

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Reviewed by: Tom Henrik / Screenshots by: Tom Henrik / Uploaded by: Tom Henrik / share on facebook

User Reviews

genhis khan 2
Posted on: 2013-03-26 by loeh
nice spectacular

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