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Menzoberranzan is a game which is set in the Forgotten Realms universe. It has elements of Ultima Underworld (3d world and real-time action) and its game concept is somewhat similar to Westwood’s Eye of the Beholder series.

The story starts with two heroes being invited for some drinks in a village’s tavern. But then something sinister happens outside. Evil Drow are attacking the villagers and taking many of them away. They also set some houses on fire. And so your quest begins.

You will first have to create two characters. They can be female or male and can come from one of 6 races (Gnome, Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Elf and Half-Elf). Each race has its own characteristics, which comes into play when you choose your characters class. For example some races can’t be paladins or fighters while others can’t be chaotic. Each race and class has different weapons they start with and different spells they already know. But don’t worry too much with this, as the party will get bigger soon. Time to throw the dices, select the characters and your small party appears in the tavern with a mission – to put out the fire on villagers’ houses.

The battles are real time, so you might find it difficult to fight with 4 fighters at the same time. But the GUI is well made, so you will get used to it quickly. A click on the medal thingy will give you the spells the character knows. The map icon will give you a map which is quite good and like in Ultima Underworld it allows you to make notes. The save buttons are only quick save and quick load. You can also save your map. When you learn how to fly or levitate (sometimes good when in combat) you will get a slider that will lift or lower your party.

An important thing is, that if you click in upper right corner you will get a menu for save and load game slots, praying (similar to Ultima’s shrine) and resting. Also important is to read the readme.txt file as it contains information how to create a character and most importantly about some mistakes that might show on the map.

The game has quite good music and there are some sound effects (nothing special). The story is interesting and unfolds as you progress in the game. Graphics are good for the time and what I especially liked is how they made a lot of opened places. Unfortunately, sooner or later your party must go into caverns. I am not a hardcore fan of RPG games, yet I enjoyed playing this one. I never finished it though, I made it through about 1/3 of it and using only quicksave and not reading a lot of dialogues. So I believe it can be overcome by an average gamer, but it is still quite difficult. I would rate it 4 because it really is fun and you should try it. It is a classic for RPG fans!



Part of the Dungeons & Dragons games Series


Reviewed by: gregor / Screenshots by: gregor / Uploaded by: gregor / share on facebook

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