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Download Pole Position

Pole Position
47 kb




Pole Position is a racing game; you're a Formula 1 driver, and you want to become champion. Sounds easy, and it is. There's no plot or track selection, just simple racing on pre-defined racecourses. Every new track has more turns, some of them quite sharp, which makes it more difficult to get to the finish line.


Driving in this game is very easy. You can define keys to control acceleration, braking, turning left and right, and switching gears (your car only has two). When you drive, you need to carefully avoid your opponents; otherwise your car will explode just by touching them, taking quite a few seconds from your precious time. The same thing occurs when you try to drive through the signs on the side of the track.

Time is most valuable in this game, but not for an obvious reason. You could be thinking, "If I lose time, I lose my position in the race." The funny thing is that the game doesn't track your position; if you pass another car, you gain nothing, and if someone overtakes you, you lose nothing. All that matters is to get to the checkpoint before the time expires - I believe you can imagine what will happen when the timer reaches zero.

The graphics aren't good, and the four-color palette doesn't make the game pretty. Apart from this, the screen looks like it's divided into two parts: The lower one shows the track, and this is the place where you should look; the upper part shows some mountains, which scroll right and left when you go around curves, and the sky.

To run this game, you have to mount a floppy drive in DOSBox and copy all the files to it, then run the DRIVE file. It's a little bit tricky to find out how to mount a floppy, so check the DOSBox manual for details. In my opinion, the game doesn't provide enough enjoyment for the amount of effort you need to expend to get it to run.


Reviewed by: bobson / Screenshots by: bobson / Uploaded by: bobson / share on facebook

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