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Download Montezuma's Return

Montezuma's Return
39300 kb



Anybody know what an old Atari platformer would be like if turned into a 3D game? It might sound odd, but it is possible to do it quite well. Montezuma's Return is the example of this, as it's a well-done first person 3D remake of the old Atari game Montezuma's Revenge.

In Montezuma's Return, you start out outside a pyramid in the middle of the desert. Soft sand beneath your feet, a giant native American temple in front of you and the gentle waving of palm leaves above you. It shows perfectly what a visual spectacle awaits you.

Armed with your fists, boots and wits, you climb up the stairs and find the first of many obstacles. This already announces that this game won't be a mindless shoot'em up where you need to get as big a gun as possible. On the contrary, it shows you need brains in order to proceed, not just brawl. You will need to give the occasional punch just as well, which makes this game a perfect blend of action and puzzle, just like those ancient platformers from the Atari.

There is some very atmospheric music and a lot of authentic sound effects. From the crazy cackling of masked natives to the deep rushing of air from giant, slinging hammers, it makes for a completely immersive experience.

When it comes to gameplay, this game's intuitive. You only have to run, jump, kick and punch, and use those to solve the puzzles and take care of the enemies. Two bars will have to be taken into concideration while playing, too. One's the health-bar, which goes down when falling from giant heights, getting smashed or being hit by an enemy. It can be increased by eating bananas. The other bar is the power-bar. The more you punch and kick, the more it increases. The fuller it is, the more powerful your attacks. Good thing it replenishes when you don't attack. Along with that, there are pearls scattered all over each level, which add to your score if you collected them. Another important gameplay part is that you can't save during a level, or you'd start at the beginning of it, but when finishing a level, the next one comes available from the list of playable levels, so you won't have the trouble of ruining a savegame, or saving at the wrong moment. The game once again pays tribute to its Atari roots.

This game would be perfect but for one single thing. It makes people seasick. Really, it makes them feel like puking. After a bit of testing, it seems that it's due to one single thing. If you turn around, even if it's the least bit, the screen tilts as if you'd jerk your head to the side you're turning to. Don't know if it's done on purpose to make it look realistic, or if it's done by accident, but it does get annoying after a while. But not so much you wouldn't start playing the next level later on.

All in all, this game's a perfect transition of an ancient Atari-game to the post-Doom standards. The only flaw won't take away the fun of the game or the urge to finish it. And if you don't believe me when I say it's a perfect transition... the game comes with the original one included, so you can see for yourself. Have fun with both; there really isn't much possibility of not doing so when playing them.

DO NOT USE THE PATCH that is included. It is for the demo version only.

In the game archive are two versions of the game: one for Windows (including XP), and one for DOS. If you wish to play the Windows version, first click on a file called MWSETUP.EXE. This will bring up a screen with the video options. Once you've configured this, then click on WMONTE.EXE and the game should play flawlessly.

If you wish to play the DOS version, first click on the MSETUP.EXE file. This will open a dialogue which will request video and sound card options. I had to select no digital sound, however digital sound effects still played. When your viewing and sound options are configured, then select MONTE.EXE and the game will commence in DOS.

In the extras section, there is a file called Level Buster. This is a player file designed by Kon-Tiki to help you gain access to most of the levels. To use the file, you unzip it into the game archive. Then you find a file called Player.lst You must open this file in Notepad and add the name Kon Tiki on a new line. When you are at the options menu in the game, open the Player Menu and select the name Kon Tiki. Then, when you click on Start Game, all the levels will be listed for you to choose from.



Reviewed by: Kon-Tiki / Screenshots by: Kon-Tiki / Uploaded by: Kon-Tiki / share on facebook

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