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Download Clou 2 - The Sting!, The

Clou 2 - The Sting!, The
30720 kb


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The Sting is the sequel to The Clue and is one of the most unique and fun games I’ve played in ages. The game starts when you are released from prison and want to resume your life of crime - and in a town this lucrative, who wouldn't?

The Sting is made up of two unique parts. The first part is exploring the city for more accomplices and places to sell off your ill-gotten gains. The cash received you spend on tools and cars. The second part is an extremely fun burglary simulation. When you make the plan, the game switches to a VCR style interface and you need to plan the best way to get the loot without getting caught. Once you have finished making your plan, you can carry it out and if your plan is successful, you get the loot. If you fail, you will need to go back to your plan in the VCR interface and figure out what went wrong. Each level has a required amount of loot and a maximum amount of loot that you can get.

The graphics in The Sting are serviceable and are good enough. The sound is low quality, but as with the graphics, the gameplay more than makes up for this problem. The interface is the only problem I have with this game because the characters will not always go where you click. Because time is not important with the rewind/fast foward, this is not as big of a downside. The rest of the interface is very well-designed and very easy to use.

I would recommend that everyone who wants to try a new kind of strategy game should try The Sting. It's by far the most unique game I’ve ever played. This game runs perfectly in Windows XP without any tweaking needed.

Make sure to run setup.bat and mythxpack.


Reviewed by: bjbrains2002 / Screenshots by: bjbrains2002 / Uploaded by: bjbrains2002 / share on facebook

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