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Download Dink Smallwood

Dink Smallwood
23707 kb



Here is Dink Smallwood, a very good RPG/Adventure game. It was made by RTsoft in 1999. It has good graphics and the sound doesn't strike any odd notes either. Another positive thing is that your adventures will often be filled with humor.

You play the role of Dink, a young boy who lives with his mother. The game begins shortly after the death of his father. When you start, you will have to do a few little things and collect nuts for your mother. Upon your return, you will find the house burning and your mother dead.

And so the quest begins. You'll have to learn magic, buy weapons, drink various potions, talk and basically do the things you need to do in every RPG. However, don't think it is easy. You will be able to go through different places, but there are hidden ones too. In your conversations you'll be able to ask different questions. Some of them will affect the gameplay, while others are just for fun. Of course, at a certain level, you will gain one level of attack, defense or magic, depending on which one you choose to improve.

Some of you may ask yourselves "What's the idea behind walking around and killing without any obvious objective?" Well, there is something you must achieve. In the beginning you want to become a hero and beat the milder Flamsop, and after you have accomplished that task, you'll have to fight the evil Cast.

Give Dink a try, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

As for compatibility, sometimes the game stops and you will have to get out by using the infamous Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination. That's why you should save your game often.


Reviewed by: Kosta / Screenshots by: Kosta / Uploaded by: Kosta / share on facebook

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