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Download Bad Blood

Bad Blood
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Bad Blood is a post-apocalyptic RPG by Origin Systems. Once again, humans and mutants just don't get along. What makes this game a little different from most games of this type is that you're on the side of the mutants, and they actually want to avoid conflict.

The game starts out with a meeting of creatures, in which they all learn the humans are gearing up to eradicate what they believe is a menace to society. Rather than to go to war, the mutants are looking for a more logical approach. This is where you come in.

You start by choosing to play as one of three mutants. Each has his own advantages and disadvantages - like different classes in other RPGs. Once you've made a decision you're off to start in the most commonly used setting to start a game: your house in your home town.

Bad Blood takes a classical bird's eye view. What is slightly annoying, though, is that your playing area is on a TV in the game, which takes away a lot of possible area for visibility. The concept of the screen and the bottle on the right representing your health bar is nice, but I often found myself confused as to where to go since the visible area is only just big enough to see how to get around a small house.

The controls are rather simple to learn, and some interface controls are listed on the screen to help you as well. The only annoyance is that sometimes you might miss a message the game displays, since simply moving around will automatically make it disappear. Other than that, it is easy to simply battle creatures in the real-time game environment.

As far as gameplay and fun goes, Bad Blood seems to start out kind of slow, but after a couple of minutes it really starts to grow on you. It is all real-time, so combat is pretty much "aim at the enemy and attack, attack, attack".

Overall, I would recommend giving Bad Blood a try to see whether you like it. It doesn't really stand out from the crowd, but it makes a nice addition to a collection of abandoned games and is quite fun to play.


Reviewed by: Tom Henrik / Screenshots by: Tom Henrik / Uploaded by: Tom Henrik / share on facebook

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