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Download Humans, The

Humans, The
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Humans is a game that deserves a 4 mark in my opinion, although most people it will not find it worth more than 2 or 3.

So, before you decide to download this game or not (based on the screenshots), read my review prior to that, and see if you’re one of those people who will fall in love with this game.

Humans is based on the well known game: Lemmings. This game also got those little funny creatures that you need to lead through a level full of dangerous traps and funny enemies.

But the gameplay of humans is totally different. Where you previously controlled all lemmings at the same time, you will handle one human at a time and you got direct control of the character. This gives the whole game a more action based character, and can you relax while to overlooking the whole level.

The rules of Humans: It’s your mission to lead your clan through 80(!!) levels, of which every is played with a few characters that need to help each other. The gameplay is based on teamwork and most puzzles must be solved by more then 1 human. When you got a Human under your control, you can gain control of another one at any moment, so they can all move or help the others.

The humans will learn new things on their way. At the start they will find a spear that can do various things. Later, when they travel through the levels, they will discover a wheel to travel with, a rope to get on difficult parts of the maps with, and even a priest who can change humans into different items.

This is all happening in a nice environment, beautiful backgrounds and good animations from all characters in the game. So far everything is good in the game, buz the point that the most gamers will object to is the speed of the gameplay.

Most puzzle games aren’t that fast, but Humans is really slow. People who love to run around and get an adrenaline boost from shooting zombies down, will be really bored when playing Humans. Humans require patience before anything else, as it is a slow game where everything depends on timing and solving puzzles.

Besides the slowness, Humans are also very difficult. The first few levels can be solved by anyone, but for the later levels you should really have played more puzzle games or simply have a brilliant mind for solving puzzles.

These 2 points ensure that the game is only interesting for the real fans of puzzle games (like me). All those who wanna see naked babes, lots of zombies and litters of blood should better not play it.

But before I scare everyone off: Humans is a really good game, the puzzles are very well made and the humans are always learning new things. That keeps the gameplay really fresh and exciting. Its the perfect game for all hardcore puzzle fans who love to play games that reqiuire some brain cell excercise.

Use the file runme.exe to start the game and then you can enter any random number as the copyprotection code!


Reviewed by: wormpaul / Screenshots by: wormpaul / Uploaded by: wormpaul / share on facebook

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