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Download Black Sect

Black Sect
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In Black Sect you play the role of a guy who has been entrusted both to stop the strange sect that torments the town of Hobdale, and to recover the spell book in its possession. The game takes place in said town and its surroundings, and has a typical medieval setting.

The game is from the producers of Maupiti Island, and even though it has similarities, it also has unique qualities of its own. You have only three days to solve your situation, and like every real time adventure, people come and go according to the hour. You have sixteen actions and seven more for the items, all shown through icons. It can take a while to realize the meaning of each icon, but you will come to understand their purpose. As in all games with so many actions, you never know if you must push, raise, or pull the lever, but that doesn't matter.

The interface is simple. In the right side there are, from top to bottom: the Lankhor logo (that if pressed shows the percentage of the game already completed), the time, the hint button (that shows you a little and pretty useless hint), the chosen item from your inventory, items on the floor if any, and a button that shows the actions. On the lower part of the screen there is the move icon, the inventory, and the save button. In the corner there is a circle with a BS. It's used to exit, and if it changes to a picture of grass, it means you are hidden.

Fortunately, time isn't much of a problem as long as you don't walk around too much, and has just the right effect on the game.

The game mostly revolves around finding items and using them, or giving them to someone. Although that works most of the time, if one gets stuck it is easy to become bored and leave the game. The difficulty of the game doesn't help with that point. Also there is no dialogue: talking to someone shows just one or two phrases, just to know what to do with them. It may feel like a flaw, but this is not that kind of game.

You can have only five items at once, so you may need to drop something, and as you never know what item you are going to need it can be a bit annoying.

On the technical side the graphics are good, if not great, and the music and environment sounds are good.

In the end, although the game has flaws it can be enjoyed at least for a while, and it's worth trying if you like this kind of game.

While most of this game has been translated from French, some parts were unable to be changed: the intro credits and help text for the objects and locations, and in the move panel, west is still marked with an O. This is not an official English translation, as Lankhor never made one.


Reviewed by: MrDeadly / Screenshots by: MrDeadly / Uploaded by: Klapauzius / share on facebook

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