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Download Gauntlet II

Gauntlet II
260 kb



After the amazing success of the first Gauntlet, Atari decided to make a sequel in 1989. The fact that they made a sequel only one year later shows you how successful the game was. Of course, if you have had the pleasure of playing the first Gauntlet, you would have a pretty good clue why Atari made this sequel.

The object of the game, as before, is to make it out of all 100 dungeons alive and with as much treasure as possible. Game play consists of moving the mouse in the direction you want your character to move and clicking the mouse button to fire his weapon. When you find magic potions in a dungeon, press spacebar to use them. On the character select screen, use the arrow keys to choose between Elf, Valkyrie, warrior, or wizard. Enemies in the dungeons stream out of generators. Destroy the generators before tackling the monsters. Enemies range from goblin heads to ghosts to the Grim Reaper. Don't let Grim touch you, or he will drain your health to nothing. Treasure is found everywhere in the game, so be sure to pick it up to increase your point count. Pick up keys to open up the blue sparkling panels, and step on the flashing floor panels to remove a section of the dungeons walls. There are also many hazards on a level, including lava and poison. These you also want to watch out for.

A neat thing about the Gauntlet series is the multi player option. You can link with another player and play with or against each other in order to gain the most treasure. Multi player at the time was a pretty rare thing in PC games, so I think that makes the series much cooler than many of the other arcades of its time.

The graphics are a step forward from the first game and even though they aren't the best, they add a nice touch to the arcade style of the game. The music and sounds in the game are your average arcade blips and bleeps, but these are perfect for capturing old but neat style of the game.

If you liked the arcade dungeon-raiding goodness of the first Gauntlet, I guarantee you'll love this game even more.


Reviewed by: Fawfulhasfury / Screenshots by: Fawfulhasfury / Uploaded by: Fawfulhasfury / share on facebook

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