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Download Emerald Hunt

Emerald Hunt
110 kb



Emerald Hunt is similar in style to Boulder Dash. It is one of those games that is easy to learn, but hard to master.

The object of this game is to collect as many emeralds and diamonds as possible without dying. Once your score reaches the goal amount you then proceed to the exit. You score 1 point for an emerald and 5 points for a diamond.

The game field includes objects that can fall (such as boulders) and explosive objects (such as bombs). Diamonds can be crushed by falling objects. Both emeralds and diamonds can be destroyed by explosions. If too many gems are destroyed, you will be unable to score enough points to exit the level.

Emerald Hunt included a level editor (BUILD.EXE) and a sprite editor (BUILDOBJ.EXE).
Saved games and levels are saved as .PIC files. All sprites are bundled into OBJECTS.DAT.

The first copy I managed to get my hands on had some bizarre custom sprites. With a bit more searching I managed to get hold of the original sprites, as well as some pretty awesome space based ones. I've included all sprite files, but the defaults are currently loaded. If you want to experiment,
copy one of the custom files (OBJECTS_space.DAT or OBJECTS_strange.DAT) over the top of OBJECTS.DAT.

The originals are included as OBJECTS_original.DAT.

This game ran fine with DOSBox defaults for me, under both Windows 7 and Mac OSX.

Follow the DOSBox instructions at:
Once the appropriate directory is mounted and navigated to, simply run HUNT.EXE.


Reviewed by: i_leeder / Screenshots by: i_leeder / Uploaded by: i_leeder / share on facebook

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