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Download The Dark Convergence

The Dark Convergence
255 kb



The Dark Convergence is one of those games where you spend half the time figuring out the correct way to word your next command so you can progress. You have simple commands like grab and open, but I wasn't able to figure the other ones out without consulting a guide. And believe me, a guide was hard to find. This game looks as if a single person made it and sold it online where only the real troopers of shareware at that time could find it. I also stand by my belief that one single person made this entire game, because it was really short.

Is it good, though? I haven't played too many games of this one's type before, but The Dark Convergence certainly was better than other said games. It was appealing to see a variety of mosters like Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc., and a sleestak from Land of the Lost. It isn't a forgiving game, though. If you missed a single object, it wouldn't tell you. It wouldn't say anything later in the game when you needed the object to progress, either. How was I supposed to know that there was a beetle that made me hallucinate under a rock in the street? It looked like scenery to me. Also, "There is a monster blocking the path! What do I do? Oh, I tear the arm off of the dead body in the kitchen and throw it at the monster." While that may sound simple to you now, keep in mind that this is no point-and-click adventure. You have to figure this all out on your own.

The game has graphics that weren't good or modern for their time, but I liked them. They are pleasing to the eye. The game has some fun death sequences too, for instance: at the start of the game, go left and you will be instantly mauled and killed by a rabid wolf. It's gory, and it's awesome.

Should you play it, though? Well, you most likely will need a guide that locates the more obscure objects you will need to complete the game, but I say play it for the semi-cool ending. Good luck.


Reviewed by: FryFro / Screenshots by: Shadow_Stalker / Uploaded by: Shadow_Stalker / share on facebook

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