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Download Infiltrator II

Infiltrator II
113 kb



The evil Mad Leader, previously defeated in the original Infiltrator, has rebuilt his forces and is once again a threat to the free world at large. So it’s up to our hero, Johnny “Jimbo Baby” McGibbits, to save the world again! Infiltrator II: The Next Day is very much like the original Infiltrator – it is a combination of a helicopter simulation and an action/adventure game. Infiltrator II contains three new missions for our hero to tackle. Each mission consists of flying to an enemy base, completing a ground mission, and finally flying back home safely. The objectives of the three missions are as follows:
Mission One –
Neutralize the Mad Leader’s nerve gas weapons.
Mission Two –
Disable the Mad Leader’s ICBMs, causing a meltdown at his nuclear energy plant.
Mission Three –
Take on the Mad Leader himself, to implant a brain device in him that will halt his evil ways.

Helicopter Simulation
The helicopter simulator is virtually unchanged from the original Infiltrator. You start on the landing pad of your base and must fly to the enemy base. Along the way, you’ll run into other aircraft – some will be friendly and some will be hostile. Using your radio and receiving call signs from the aircraft can help you distinguish friend from foe. If things get nasty, your copter is equipped with both missiles and guns, plus defensive chaff and flares. Once you make it to the enemy base in one piece and land successfully, you are ready to begin the ground mission.

Ground Mission
You begin the mission standing next to your helicopter near the enemy base. In order to successfully complete the ground missions, you must infiltrate the base, carry out your assigned mission and return to your copter within the allotted time. The main obstacle in completing the mission, aside from the time limit, is the Mad Leader’s loyal guards who patrol the bases. Unlike most games of this genre, you are not given a big bad machine gun and can’t simply run around blowing the baddies away. Instead, you are given a limited supply of sleeping gas and gas grenades. These are your only offensive weapons against the guards, so you’ll mainly have to rely on stealth to outsmart them. You are given fake ID papers which will get you past most guards. There is also a change of clothes located somewhere in the enemy base that will let you get past the guards without arousing suspicion.

There are several buildings in each enemy base[, and it’s up to you to search through them to find extra gas grenades, a change of clothes, access cards, and ultimately the room that houses your mission objective. You are given five chances to complete the ground mission. Once those chances are used up, the mission is over, and Johnny will get chewed out by his commanding officer. If you successfully complete the ground mission, you’re not out of the woods quite yet; you are returned to the helicopter simulation part of the game and must fly back to your home base in order to fully complete the overall mission.

Overall Impression
This game is ported from the original Commodore 64 version. The graphics are directly ported from the C64, so they are not quite up to par with the average PC EGA game. The graphics are still well done, though. The sound is limited to PC speaker sounds. One thing I like about Infiltrator II is the game’s sense of humor. The game’s excellent manual is quite humorous as well and does a good job of setting the stage for the game. I love both of the Infiltrator games on the C64. The PC ports of the Infiltrator games suffer from timing issues, which hamper the playing experience somewhat – especially the helicopter simulation bits. Overall, I give Infiltrator II: The Next Day a 4 out of 5.


Start the game with “INF.EXE”. You'll probably need to adjust the cycles for the helicopter simulation part of the game.


Reviewed by: gumpy / Screenshots by: gumpy / Uploaded by: gumpy / share on facebook

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