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Download Ravenloft - Strahds Possession

Ravenloft - Strahds Possession
9440 kb


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Ravenloft, Ravenloft, Ravenloft; what can I say? Taking Dungeons and Dragons into a more mature gaming stage and bringing gothic horror into the normal fantasy world where D&D was set, Ravenloft is a place of evil -- pure and undaunted evil. The worlds you will find within are made around a person of evil and his desires. In-between these worlds lie the Mists that prevent travellers from moving by their own means. Heroes do exist in these worlds of horror and evil, but they are few and far between -- and not all are true heroes at all.

Now on to the game at hand and away from the pencil-and-paper version: This game takes the old pencil-and-paper version and puts it into a first-person role-playing game. Dragged into the worlds of Ravenloft, your two characters are lost and alone in a world much darker and more evil than what they are used to. With evil all around, and few friends, it will be hard to complete the challenges before you, but with effort and determination you can and will defeat the evil forces at play. I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, as that is all part of the joy of playing one of these games. This game is not short and can be confusing to a new player. The manual and guide can be valuable aids in finding your way around the world, and I would recommend getting hold of them.

The controls for this game take a little getting used to, but once you do they are easy to remember: Using items in the inventory involves putting them in your hand, then going back to the main screen and using them. Entering the inventory involves left-clicking on an avatar and right-clicking to get out again. Getting to your spells and map means clicking on a menu that drops down from the top of the screen, but casting said spells comes from spell books near the player’s avatars. These small things can be rather annoying, yet take the most time to get used to.

Moving around the world can be done in two ways: you can use a grid-locked movement system similar to Lands of Lore, or a much more fluid system of movement. Both work well, and neither really puts the player at a disadvantage in the world. Either one can be controlled with the arrow keys or by clicking on buttons on the HUD. Attacking can be done by clicking on enemies or on the weapon, on the HUD itself; the second allows you to attack creatures behind you or in any direction and is much easier to do, as a mis-click while trying to click on an enemy can move you inadvertently.

The graphics of this game are good, rapidly pulling you into a world surrounded by mists and shrouded in mystery. Though the CD version includes refined graphics and extra detail like bats and the like flying around, these are just visual aspects and do not affect the player at all.

With these nice graphics come some very nice sounds. Awesome background music really helps pull the world together, and solid attack-sounds give weight to the attacks. Every now and then a laugh will play; its evil is evident and at times can make the player jump in their seats. Though the attack sounds are the stock sounds SSI seemed to use all the time, they still work well.

Sadly this game is not perfect; as in many SSI games, bugs can be found, and some can be break your game. While playing this game to review it I found myself unable to move through certain doors and had to restart the game to move through them. And so far I have had trouble keeping NPCs in my party, as they seem to leave randomly, dumping all their gear at my feet. This can be rather game-breaking and annoying, but the game is worth playing through these rare bugs. Overall I would give this game a 4 out of 5, and it is well worth a try for fans of Ravenloft, D&D and role-playing games in general.


Part of the Dungeons & Dragons games Series


Reviewed by: DarthHelmet86 / Screenshots by: DarthHelmet86 / Uploaded by: hunvagy / share on facebook

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