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Download Rick Dangerous Pack

Rick Dangerous Pack
428 kb



What's in a name? If I were to make a game and call it Ultimate Game, would it be the ultimate game? In Rick Dangerous, the name suggests that there's a character named Rick, who is dangerous. That's partially correct. There is a character named Rick. The thing is ... it's his surroundings that are terribly dangerous.

Rick Dangerous is an adventurer from the first half of the 20th century. He lives in London, but goes out exploring or fighting bad guys, such as the invading aliens. He does that armed with a set of explosives and bullets, with the appropriate matching gun. This gent's main characteristic is that he can find tremendously dangerous places. Pressing each button you see, rushing into things head-first or taking the seemingly safe passage are sure ways of getting yourself killed.

The gamer that plays this game should have some equipment, too. He should have a lot of time, a sense of humor and a carefree attitude. Without these, you will be mighty frustrated by this game. With them, you will see the humor in the ways you die and eventually understand how you should play the game. If you manage to get that far, you'll find that you got hooked to the game and are reaching deeper and deeper into the levels. When playing Rick Dangerous 2, the gamer also needs good coordination skills, as the keys aren't too obvious. Jumping is "O", crouching "K", left is "Z" and right "X," while fire is the spacebar and either moving left or right to temporarily stun the enemy. Press the spacebar and up to shoot and the spacebar and down to place an explosive. This makes the whole place even more dangerous, as you could want to jump over an obstacle but accidentally walk into it. At least that's what I had happen several times.

These games will be enjoyed by those that are willing to take their time to sit back and play an ingenious platformer that needs an ingenious gamer to finish it.

This package contains Rick Dangerous 1 and 2.


Reviewed by: Kon-Tiki / Screenshots by: Kon-Tiki / Uploaded by: Kon-Tiki / share on facebook

User Reviews

Posted on: 2016-10-24 by texluke
One of my favorite game ever!! Difficult but challenging!!

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