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Download Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence
45035 kb



Central Intelligence is a game of strategy and espionage, based on the fictional island of Sao Madrigal, off the coast of Brazil, which is currently run by a corrupt dictatorship. This dictatorship is supported by the Chinese government and, as a result, damages the U.S.A.'s interests in the region. You play as a CIA chief, tasked with restoring democracy by any means necessary.

You are presented with a satellite overview of Sao Madrigal, and after a few clicks you can see the current leanings of the people in certain areas, represented by blue (opposition party, your side) or red (dictatorship's side). You can also monitor the situation regarding the country's students, the opposition party, the rebel group, government prisoners, as well as a list of agents you've lost in the field.

On the satellite map, you can zoom right out and see the whole island, or zoom in to individual buildings, and see who lives there, who is currently in the building, and what kind of materials are stored there, if any.

Your tools of restoring democracy include a series of CIA agents, divided into three branches: Political, Propagandist, and Military. Political agents handle bribes, or spying, or other things. Propaganda agents can be used to print newspaper articles, hijack a TV show and spread the good word, or leave leaflets everywhere for the citizens to look at. Military people can be used to assassinate, sabotage, or supply arms to the rebels! However, the game is not about just preparing a military uprising - it's about coordinating all the opposition members to restore the country; via propaganda, bribes, subterfuge, assassinations, and blackmail.

The game runs in real-time, and you only have a certain amount of time to dispose of the dictator, but you can adjust the game speed. There are other difficulty options you can adjust, such as the population's loyalty towards the dictator.

All in all it's a fun, immersive game, and easy to play once you get the hang of it (which was the only problem I had in playing it). To perform an action, you must select your agent, select the building you want them to go to (on this large island) then select the action you want them to perform, which can get confusing at times.

Other than that minor issue, the game is definitely worth playing. It has very nice graphics, and smooth gameplay.

To be able to play this game you must mount the CI folder as the C: drive in Dosbox.
I.e mount c c:\dosgame\ci
Then C:\
Then ci.bat to launch the game.


Reviewed by: Fubb / Screenshots by: Fubb / Uploaded by: Xhumed / share on facebook

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