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Magic Carpet
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Magic Carpet is about exactly what it sounds like: a magic carpet. And you’re sitting on it. You fly around an Arabian landscape with water, hills, and trees. The story of the game is simple: there was a great war between wizards. The wizards used more and more destructive spells and ended up summoning monsters which often turned against them. There was one wizard who wanted to end everything with an all-powerful spell. Instead, the worlds shattered.

The wizard died, but his apprentice is still alive, and guess what... that’s you!

The gameplay is unique. You’re flying around collecting mana and building a castle, which serves as your base and a place to store your mana. You can upgrade the castle by collecting more mana. To collect mana, you need to kill monsters which, upon death, drop golden balls. Mana is used to cast spells; the more of it you have, the more spells you can cast.

However, monsters aren't the only things which will cross your path. There are also wizards who will battle you for the mana.

This is a great game that combines combat and thinking. However, it is very difficult. At first you might be confused, as there is no real tutorial in the game. However, when you get the hang of it, you should enjoy it. One tip is to stick around a single map until you find all the spells on the map, instead of rushing through them without even looking for spells. It’s worth it, as they can be very useful. The spells are found in specific locations on some maps and are represented by red flasks.

The music and sound in this game are very good, but there is something else that’s good. No, not good - it’s great. The graphics are stunning. I mean, the game is really old, but the graphics are just awesome.

If you’re up for a challenge, try Magic Carpet. You will spend many, many hours in this game, as it’s very addictive.

Giddy up your carpet!


Reviewed by: Josefsson / Screenshots by: Josefsson / Uploaded by: Romano / share on facebook

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