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Download Twilight - 2000

Twilight - 2000
3194 kb



Twilight: 2000 is a wonderful turn-based strategy game.

For those of you who have not played the Twilight 2000 pen-and-paper RPG, the game takes place in the year 2000, at the conclusion of World War III. Baron Czarny is a former ZOMO officer who wants to control Poland and probably the rest of the world. The in-game storyline follows a fairly common theme.

The game begins with the character-creation screen, where the player can create his team. Character creation is virtually limitless. You can create a squad of up to 20 (anything less may leave you with holes in your squad). Eventually, war will break out, and each character will be drafted into a military division. After determining your characters' skills, you can equip them. The amount of money you can spend on each character is determined by the length of time that character has spent in the military. Once you finish creating your characters (which can take days), you enter Poland, which is now a wasteland. However, before you visit the wasteland itself, you enter the base, where you will receive missions. You may choose which characters, vehicles, and equipment you will take on each mission. Once you select and equip your characters, you can leave the base (although you could leave at any time) and attempt to free Poland from Baron Czarny. That's gonna take a long time though, so you'd better settle for freeing a few blades of grass for now. Now that you have your team of four in the town, you can either walk in 2-D to your destination or use the map to get there. Eventually, you will encounter some people that do not wish you to have those nice, shiny weapons (translation: they want to kill you and take everything you own), so you'll have to shoot it out with them. Combat is quite nice but gets kinda boring, because it keeps happening every time you go anywhere.

The music is great, but the sound effects are worthless. During character generation, the graphics are okay. The in-game graphics are okay as well, but they get repetitive. In conclusion, this game has the potential to give you a practically endless amount of fun, and I highly recommend it.


Reviewed by: esgmaster / Screenshots by: esgmaster / Uploaded by: Romano / share on facebook

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