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Download Jill of the Jungle - Jill Saves the Prince

Jill of the Jungle - Jill Saves the Prince
240 kb



Jill returns in the third installment of Epic MegaGames' Jill of the Jungle series, entitled Jill Saves the Prince. And this time, she's wearing a spanking new blue suit!

This game is the finale of the trilogy that led Jill from her jungle home, through the dangerous Underground, and now towards her Prince. But there's one tiny detail: her beloved handsome Prince is held prisoner by a group of lizardmen, and it's up to her to free him. That's certainly putting a spin on the classic tale of a damsel in distress!!

Jill Saves the Prince is much like its predecessors. The engine is the same, so gameplay in each level is similar to what you've previously encountered. There is, however, a new "world map" which you must use to travel from one level to the next (levels are represented by little huts).

Now while this concept is appealing, its implementation in Jill Saves the Prince is less than pleasant. Jill looks like nothing more than a tiny flashy-blue ant, and towards the end of the game, walking distance between levels can be quite long and tedious. In retrospect, it would have been better to stick with one alternative from the previous installments (either a map resembling a level, or simply change the levels in quick succession). However, this drawback should not be sufficient to deter you from playing the game.

There are a couple of new enemies in this one, such as the leopard seals, and of course the lizardmen who hold your one true love prisoner. Gameplay is relatively the same though. You still have to explore different areas, find keys to open locked doors, or gems to free up blocked passages. You still have to avoid falling into lava, water, or onto pointed spikes. Apples are still available, scattered throughout the levels, to rejuvenate you should your health run low. Jill can also still turn into a firebird, fish, or frog, should the occasion call for it.

There's only a small amount of new music content, as the game uses a lot of tracks from the first episode and some from the second, but there are a few new music sounds. Opening the Noisemaker in the main menu will allow you to explore each and every one of those by banging away happily on your keyboard.

In conclusion, this game is a "must have" if you wish to complete the trilogy and finally reunite Jill and her Prince!


Reviewed by: Eleima512 / Screenshots by: Eleima512 / Uploaded by: Eleima512 / share on facebook

User Reviews

Rushed design hinders a potentially good game
Posted on: 2018-01-08 by hackerb9
Jill 3 has not stood the test of time. While it is quite a bit better than Jill 2, it is still not up to par with the original Jill of the Jungle. Jill 3 has many bugs and simply awkward or tedious moments that would have been removed through play testing and further development time. Some examples flaws: *Jill 3 has very few hidden secrets and most of them are extremely boring as they rely more on chance and persistence than on being clever. Sometimes levels look like they have something interesting hidden somewhere, but they don't. * The world map is now a top down view which adds nothing but tedium. There is nothing one can do in the map except slowly watch your tiny blue dot move to the next level. You cannot even go back to retry a level to see if you can get the last few apples or hidden secrets once you've exited. * There are new sprites for Green Lizard Men, but (as with the Gray Slugs added to Jill 2), the art work is extremely poor compared to the sprites from the original Jill game. They appear to have been drawn in EGA or maybe even CGA graphics. * The sound effects are mostly the same. Throughout the Jill Trilogy I actually prefer the speaker sound effects to the annoying digitized SoundBlaster samples. However, Jill 3 adds an extra annoying sound effect for the Green Lizard Men which only plays through the speaker; there is no sound for them at all when using the soundblaster. Also, there are a lot more of the fire breathing things introduced in Jill 2 which produce an ear piercing screech when using speaker sounds. * Level 7 requires three crystal to exit. If you earned crystals in the previous levels and you use them to exit, you will be unable to complete the game because you will be blocked in a maze requiring crystals with no way get one. (Unless you cheat by holding down 'X'). * Level 7 is actually completely optional and easy to accidentally skip. Unlike the other levels, you do not earn a crystal which lets you through the maze to the final castle. This appears to be a design mistake as there is no clue if you accidentally bypass it that you've missed part of the game. * There are too many invisible triggers that do things that don't make sense. The first Jill game was very clear about what different sprites did ("Apples give health", "Keys unlock doors", "Crystals open doors in the map"). Jill 3 makes it so you have to just keep trying different things randomly and dying. * Many of the levels appear unfinished, with wide open areas with very few creatures to interact with. * Some levels have the beginnings of something interesting, but then it's uncompleted. For example, there's a puzzle where one has many switches that control doors, but there are also knights below that you'd presume would kill you if you flipped the switch. However, no. They just stand there. * The Pyramid (level 6) looks like it has a hidden area, as it lets you become a Phoenix and escape the pyramid, but if you fly around, you end up triggering bugs. Sprites stopped being erased, so you leave a trail as you fly around. The level becomes -16384 and your score flickers as some huge number. * Level 12 has invisible blocks you can jump on to to get the apples at the start. It's slightly annoying, but it makes some sense that one would look for such things given that there's no other way to get the apples. However, then the level uses invisible blocks later (on the west side of the spikes), but they don't end up going any where. Again, it appears the game designers ran out of time before finishing the level. [Or do they go somewhere? I'd love it if someone could correct me on this fact. I sure wasted enough time taking random leaps and dying.] Jill 3 isn't all bad and it's probably not a waste of time to play it. But maybe you have better things to do?

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