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Download Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness

Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness
2115 kb



“There once was a city far from us in place and time, which had been imprisoned in a dome of darkness! In vain, the Bible Corps fought to free it from its captivity. They would have lost all hope but for one last desperate plan that called for the help of their greatest champion...”


Armed with your trusty computer Bible, you take the role of Captain Bible as you are teleported through a small hole into the imprisoned city. Unfortunately, your computer Bible was damaged during the teleportation. Its memory is empty and therefore useless. Fortunately, you can get new verses for it at the Scripture stations scattered throughout the city.

However, you are not alone. Robots, known as Deception Cybers, have invaded the city and will do anything to stop you. To defeat them, you must first defeat the lie guarding them by applying one of the Scripture verses you picked up previously. Then, you will be able to go into combat, as the Bible Power enables you to use a spiritual sword and shield to fight. To attack, press A or point and click on the Cyber's vulnerable point, and to defend, press D or point and click on yourself. Once the cyber is defeated, you may progress on your way.

Your ultimate goal is to free the city's councilmen, each of whom is imprisoned within the buildings, and deceived by the Cybers. You will have to engage them in conversation, and refute the lies that they tell you, through the use of more Scripture verses. Once all the councilmen are freed, you will be able to use the Unibot, a massive humanoid robot, located at the north end of the city, to destroy the Dome of Darkness by destroying the Tower of Deception itself.

Your weapons and defenses are limited at first, but you can upgrade them by collecting the verses pertaining to the Sword of the Spirit and the Shield of Faith. Once you have these, then you can go to one of the Prayer Chapels scattered throughout each building. You can also get a light, which allows you to pass through dark areas, or a special protection, which warns you about the traps of the enemy. In these Chapels, you can also restore your faith, which is lost gradually from enemy hits or traps.

To navigate the hallways of the city, simply click in the direction you want to go, or on a door to open it. Some doors will need to be unlocked through your computer Bible. Some doors will also lead to Jump Tunnels, which allow you to access other parts of the building. In a Jump Tunnel, move the mouse left or right to dodge the Cybers. Also, some doors lead to Communication Stations, where you must explain certain verses to the city councilmen you have previously freed. If your explanation is correct, they will transfer the verse to your computer Bible.

This game has good quality graphics and sound for its time, and runs perfectly under DOSBox. It also teaches valuable truths and lessons. I give this game a 5/5.


Reviewed by: The_Lemming / Screenshots by: The_Lemming / Uploaded by: The_Lemming / share on facebook

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