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Download International Ninja Rabbits

International Ninja Rabbits
357 kb



International Ninja Rabbits is the sequel to Ninja Rabbits. Some may know this game as Ninja Rabbit Returns. It's a sidescrolling fighting game.

Once again you get to control a rabbit in a white ninja costume (or is it a karate gi?) with exceptional melee fighting skills. This time the events take place in three different countries (China, USA and Italy) hence the name International Ninja Rabbits. Although the game is very similar to the prequel a few changes have been made.

The enemies you'll encounter are humans and different animal characters. You will fight only one enemy at a time. Also, you have to avoid flying dragons and birds and various moving items at the same time. Hands, feet and a wooden stick are your only weapons. Each level consists of several screens. The screen changes when you walk to the right, jump down into sewers or climb up ladders.

The biggest difference between this game and the prequel are little red boxes that sometimes drop down from the skies. The boxes are bonus items that you can earn only if you manage to hit them with one of your attacks. These bonuses can be extra lives, shields, health restore or just score points. Some boxes contain poison that decreases your health a lot. There is no way of telling what these boxes contain before you smash them or they hit the ground.

Like its prequel, the game has only pcspeaker sound effects. The controls are a bit better, but they still leave room for improvement. The graphics were also updated and are now on a level that I think the first game should have had.

The bonus boxes are a nice addition but make the game way too easy. Luckily the game has three different difficulty levels to choose from. Anyway, in my opinion, this game is much better than the prequel. So, if you think Ninja Rabbits is a good game, then International Ninja Rabbits is definitely worth a try.


Reviewed by: zirkoni / Screenshots by: zirkoni / Uploaded by: zirkoni / share on facebook

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