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Download 1000 Miglia

1000 Miglia
1168 kb



1000 Miglia - The Roaring Years of Sports Cars. A title that makes us think, "Wow, what a game this must be…" Well, be excited for as long as you can - it’ll be the only pleasant emotion you will have for the next few moments before you switch back to Outrun.

It is 1927, and after enormous difficulties the first Mille Miglia (Italian for "1000 Miles") automobile race is about to start. It was first thought that this race would never be repeated, but after the success of the first race, it became more and more popular. It was held once a year from 1927 until 1938, and then again from 1947 until 1957. If you'd like more information, read the manual or visit

Let’s talk about the game that tries to bring a taste of this glorious race into our homes. Once in, select your car, as well as a pair of drivers from the roster (be sure to choose one with good mechanical abilities). When you've finished, select the year you would like to drive in (1927 - 1933) and start your race. You'll have the chance to take up to six spare parts with you. Choose wisely - this can save a lot of time when you're in trouble.

Finally, the race begins, and the semi-3D bitmaps fly all around you. Try to steer a bit, and don't dare to drive at full speed (neither CPU cycles nor the car's speed itself), or you might reach the Trouble screen quite fast. The Trouble screen is what you’ll see at least two or three times during each race. It means you have hit too many obstacles, and your car needs repairs. When you'd like to know where the hell you are, just press space to access the race map and the driver's physical status. When you see that your driver is almost out of energy, you may want to switch pilots.

After a short time, you'll finish the first stage and can directly jump to the next. One nice feature is the option to save the game after a race and continue another day - a day where you'll have forgotten about the sound and gameplay misery.

It's quite hard to write a conclusion now that I didn’t speak too highly about 1000 Miglia. I think it's best that you try it yourself. It definitely didn’t convince me, so I'd rather continue playing Outrun and Lotus.

The first problem I encountered was “What do I need to start?” A MIDI driver. But no prob -- it's included in the archive. First run MIDI3DRV.EXE and then MIGLIA.EXE. For the impatient ones, there's MM.BAT to speed up the process a bit.


Reviewed by: swiss / Screenshots by: swiss / Uploaded by: Fawfulhasfury / share on facebook

User Reviews

Quiz Points Don't Add
Posted on: 2017-10-19 by camelz69
Dear lover of cars, This game refuses to yield the pieces of eight. Much like a plane, I'm on Top Gear. Salutations, Abandonia
One of my favourite
Posted on: 2013-12-19 by protemi
when i was a kid.
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