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Download Softporn Adventure

Softporn Adventure
51 kb



If you're under the age of 18, then go back now! ( :bye: Unknown Hero..)

The objective of this game is a quite simple one: You need to "score" with three different women. Not at the same time (sorry Kosta), but during the course of the game. You start out in a bar with 2500$, but as all men know women are high-maintenance and this cash won't last long. So you need to be tricky, have some luck at gambling AND a mind like a virgin after a handfull of Viagra (where's Tom when you need him ?!?).

Some basic commands are shortened to one letter for example to go East just enter E, to check your inventory enter I. This is very handy and gives some smooth gameplay. However the rest of the commands have to be much more exact, and in some cases only dirty words'll do. Fair enough, as most of us know them. It's just good to remember that sometimes "clean" words won't work.

When you've played this game for a short while you'll most likely think: "Hey, don't I recognise this plot..?" If you do, then read the text-document included in the download which'll explain everything. (No, it has nothing to do with TheVoids visit to Rome this week...)

This game is funny, a bit nasty and surprising all in one. But be warned! Old people (Yes, you Aaberg) should watch out, as getting too aroused is dangerous at a high age.


Reviewed by: Red Diablo / Screenshots by: Red Diablo / Uploaded by: The_EgAt / share on facebook

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