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Download Sesame Street - Letter-Go-Round

Sesame Street - Letter-Go-Round
199 kb



Sesame Street - Letter-Go-Round is an educational letter matching and spelling puzzle game.

Tell me a story...
The Sesame Street Muppets invited you to the funfair, especially to see and ride the Letter-Go-Round, a brand-new type of Ferris wheel not only providing fun but also having you learn a little bit.

The same procedure as every year?...
At the main menu Cookie Monster lets you choose from six game variants: Upper Case Matching, Lower Case Matching, Mixed Case Matching, One Little Word, What's Missing? and Spell the Secret Word. Then you are at the Letter-Go-Round with Barkley, Cookie Monster or Grover doing the preparations. You can take the letter which is at the lowest point of the wheel to match it with the one at the bottom of the screen or to spell a word. There's no penalty for taking a wrong one and no time limit. If the wheel is to slow for your taste, you can switch to kinetosis speed (kinetosis = motion sickness). It's always three letters and with every of them a new part of a bell tower is erected. The third correct letter rings the bell and Bert, Big Bird and Cookie Monster will come to celebrate your success with a little dance. When they are exhausted, a new round begins.

Eyes and ears...
The graphics is CGA mode 4, palette #2, high intensity (high green, high red, high yellow + low blue). Style = nice; the use of colour fields in palette #2 gives the impression of EGA and the animations are funny. Sound comes from the internal speaker. There is only one background melody which is very funfairy but makes you crazy after a while. The second melody is the overwhelming and cheerful winning tune. You get to hear a squeal when Cookie Monster slides out of the screen after the game selection and the addictive jingle of the bell when you have won a round.

After output now the input...
F1 - quit round
F3 - toggle speed of the Ferris wheel
F5 - sound off/on
F7 - catch letter
F11/F12 - crash the game (don't press one of them alone if you in/decrease the cycles in DOSBox)

The word recognition for Spell the Secret Word (and What's Missing?) leaves a lot to be desired, for example Commander Mitamuru attacking the Letter-Go-Round with his submarine, so that it rolls into the sea (like in the movie 1941). I even think it has no dictionary but waits for an assigned word. But I question the educational value of this game anyway. TWO points! ...which didn't kept me from having a good time with the Muppets gone mad. They should have made an animated picture-book. Recommended for children that don't want to learn anything, viewers of Muppet shows and Ferris wheel riders; not recommended for acrophobians and people who don't want to be rocked to sleep.

The title screen is there, it's just too fast... (tip for freaks: DOSBox with less than five cycles)


Reviewed by: Luchsen / Screenshots by: Luchsen / Uploaded by: Luchsen / share on facebook

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