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Download Jungle Jack

Jungle Jack
4000 kb




Jungle Jack is a game every platform lover should enjoy. Sadly, the game never enjoyed much commercial success and therefore was never sold outside of Scandinavia. This is sad because the game is beautiful, and you won't regret playing it.

In the beginning, you're shown an intro in which the sun rises over the jungle. The camera slides to the right, where we finally meet our little hero, Jungle Jack. When the cinematic is over, you realize that the game never changes from an animation to the "real game"; the graphics are the same! This is one of the good things about Jungle Jack: the whole game feels like a dream, and you never find an area which looks like any other part of the game; everything is unique.

The story behind the game is that you (Jack) are a VERY rare jungle animal which a rich man's daughter really wants to get her hands on. You're the cutest animal in the jungle, and surely also the most intelligent. One day you want to explore the jungle with your two friends (the monkeys). Sadly, you soon realize the jungle is a dangerous place, and the people who are after you won't give up! In the game, you visit several places, such as jungles and cities, and our little fellow even reaches a skating level together with a fox he falls in love with, Rita.

I give this game a big 5. It's rare to see such a beautiful game as Jungle Jack, and the entertainment is top-notch! You won't regret the time spent playing this game!

The game was released supporting many languages of Scandinavia and Nordic countries like Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish. This version of the game was in Danish originally, but with a bit of help from our fellow Abandonia users Luchsen and Hatsen, we managed to translate the game to English. You shouldn't see any Danish text except during the intro: instead of "Jungle Jack" it says "Jungledyret Hugo." The game will ask for a password; but Luchsen managed to crack games copy protection. Just press "I" and the game should enter the intro screen soon after. The game has been modified but still can't run on Windows Vista or XP without DOSBox. If you're lucky enough to have a copy of Windows 95 or 98, you might have a chance to run the game without the help of DOSBox.

The game was created by the Danish company Sweatbox Software and produced by Dan Harder. The game sadly never became a big commercial success outside of Scandinavia, which means that copies of the game are fairly rare to come by.

After contacting Dan, he sent me some cheats, which can come in handy because in some places, the game can become a little bit hard.

Dan's own words: "A few tips: Inside the game you can get extra lives by pressing F1. There's also a combination to skip to the next level by pressing Caps Lock + F12 + Insert simultaneously."

Keyboard Commands:

  • Arrows Left/Right = Walk
  • CTRL = Sprint
  • ALT = Jump
  • Up Arrow = Grab 
  • Down Arrow = Duck

 Dan Harder has also written a blog, containing many behind the scene details about the game, which can be found here: for those interested.


Reviewed by: Hatsen / Screenshots by: Hatsen / Uploaded by: Luchsen / share on facebook

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