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Download SkiFree

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SkiFree is a little Windows game of which there is not much to say, apart from: It's a Classic.
It was programmed by Chris Pirih, who at the time was a programmer at Microsoft. The game eventually attracted the attention of a manager for the Microsoft Entertainment Pack when he noticed Pirih playing it at work, leading to the inclusion of the game in the next Entertainment Pack release.

The game has 3 gameplay-modes: Free-Style, Slalom and Tree Slalom. The goal of Free-Style is too perform as much stunts as possible. During Slalom you have to ski past flags in the quickest time possible. In Tree Slalom, you do basically the same, but the course is much tighter and has added obstacles such as trees.

The player can do quite a few things whilst skiing: jumping, performing stunts, knocking other skiers down or just crashing into random obstacles. :)

SkiFree is also well known for the infamous snow monster, which appears at 2000m and eats the player. It also features lots of easter eggs, such as the walking trees. The graphics mostly consist of small animated characters, like dogs and skiers, and LOTS of snow but believe me, it has a very nice mood, perfect for that snowy/rainy Sunday. The game has no sounds, but in my opinion, that just enhances the mood.

Overall, this is a classic Windows game that you should really try out. A pure 5! :)

This is the latest version (1.04) compiled for 32-bit Windows, which should also work on Wine and 64-bit Windows. At the extras box, you can (from sometime in the future) download the original 16-bit SkiFree 1.0 that shipped as part of the Windows Entertainment Pack in 1991.


Reviewed by: Tomekk / Screenshots by: Luchsen / Uploaded by: Luchsen / share on facebook

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